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This Catholic variety show features a cast of eleven young adults who teach our Catechism in whole new way! This new series will leave you feeling encouraged and proud to be Catholic! The Knights have found themselves compelled to choose a side... fighting for God beneath his first defender, Saint Michael. These young defenders of the faith stand in the front line of the spiritual battle- and they are champions.
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Richard LaHood - Knights of St. Michael: Season 4
Richard LaHood
Hi there, I’m Richard LaHood, the eldest son in a family of nine! As the leader of the Knights of Saint Michael, I believe the best way to teach people about the faith is to be a good role model. However, in this show, I play the role of Mr. Positive, the top devil in Satan’s underworld. That gives me the chance to teach by playing “the devil's advocate!” – that means someone who defends ideas that are wrong, just because they like to argue! That’s what the devil does. I play a lot of other roles on the show too, including Jesus, Abraham Lincoln, a Roman Soldier, and I.B. Searching. I like to study philosophy and greatly enjoy writing, directing and acting, which I’ve done for this series for more than 15 years!
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Mary (LaHood) Delgado - Knights of St. Michael: Season 4
Mary (LaHood) Delgado
Hi everyone, it’s Mary (LaHood) Delgado! What an awesome grace it is to bring you the Knights of Saint Michael. Thanks to the inspiration of Mother Angelica, I’ve been writing, acting and singing at EWTN since I was 16 years old. Whether through comedy or the serious study of religion, I love the idea of children-teaching-children because the future of the Church will someday be in the hands of the next generation – that’s you! Some of my most memorable characters have been Ima Littleoff, the Angel messenger for the story of the Maccabbees, and a W.A.R.N. World News anchor.
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Elizabeth LaHood - Knights of St. Michael: Season 4
Elizabeth LaHood
Hi, I’m Elizabeth LaHood, a.k.a “Ms. Liz,” the common sense lady on Knights of Saint Michael. I love playing Ms. Liz, especially when I can write my own comments and even ad-lib a little. I think using humor is a great way to teach the Faith! But evangelizing is no laughing matter. Sometimes you have to be strong to stand up for the Truth. On the set, I like encouraging everyone, coaching my fellow actors and keeping people on schedule. I can’t help it! I’ve been doing it since I was nine!
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Nicholas Windsor - Knights of St. Michael: Season 4
Nicholas Windsor
Hey, I’m Nicholas Windsor and I’m proud to be a Knight of Saint Michael. I’m the oldest of eight kids, so I know a thing or two about getting to the bathroom first! I love playing basketball and baseball and studying hard in school. My favorite role on the show is Mini Positive, the side-kick to Mr. Positive. By playing Mini Positive, I get to do some pretty silly things, but I also learn a lot about being a good Catholic. My other favs are "Rocky" from the Kid Band, and "Giga" from Mega & Gigabyte save Hollywood.
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Cosette Kulda - Knights of St. Michael: Season 4
Cosette Kulda
Hi, my name is Cosette Kulda. I like theater, music and cross-country. I joined the Knights of Saint Michael when I was 13 and love every minute of it. My favorite segment is the “Warriors of the Royal Court” round table. I always get the best lines!
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Derek Kulda - Knights of St. Michael: Season 4
Derek Kulda
Hi to everyone out there! I’m Derek Kulda and I joined the Knights of Saint Michael last season. Boy, has it been fun! I hope you enjoy watching and learning about the Faith as much as we enjoying working on the shows. I’ve acted in the segments “Warriors of the Royal Court” and “Time For Common Sense with Ms. Liz.” I just started high school and like playing the drums and running track.
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Dan Bielinski - Knights of St. Michael: Season 4
Dan Bielinski
Hello, I’m Dan Bielinski. God has given me a great opportunity to be a member of the Knights of Saint Michael. As a Knight, I’ve played a W.A.R.N. World News anchor, Jimmy Dazzle, High Grossman, and Ebenezer Crooge for the Ms. Liz segment. Many times, I play the role of a famous person. Other times, I am challenged to invent a new character. I’m currently going to school and getting my masters in theater as well as teaching drama.
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Lillian Bouchey - Knights of St. Michael: Season 4
Lillian Bouchey
Hi, my name is Lillian Bouchey and I’m the newest member of the Knights of Saint Michael. This season, I’ve played Marcy McFit and a beauty pageant queen. I graduated from college with a Bachelors in Music from Ave Maria University and am now getting a Master's Degree in Sacred Music. It’s really cool to bring these shows to you. I hope you keep watching – bye!