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Sister Grace helps her good friend Lucy learn many different things about her relationship with God and her Catholic faith.
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Lucy - Hi Lucy
Hi! I’m Lucy! I may be a pink ostrich but I’m still a kid just like you! I love to tell jokes, laugh, sing, watch cartoons and learn! And I get to do all these things in class with Sr. Grace! She’s my favorite teacher in the whole world. She knows lots of things about Jesus and the Church and she really makes my religion classes lots of fun! Come see!
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Sister Grace - Hi Lucy
Sister Grace
Hi there! My name is Sister Grace, and I’m a catechist. A catechist is a person who teaches Catechism. Do you have a Catechism? It’s a big book all about our Faith. In my class, you’ll learn about Jesus and our Holy Catholic Church. I’d love to teach you, so come visit! You’ll notice a happy pink ostrich there named Lucy. She gets to stand on her desk (silly Lucy!) because ostriches don’t sit, but since you’re not an ostrich I’d prefer if you sit at your desk. See you there!