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Rob, a good-hearted but sometimes bumbling world-traveler and photographer, is sent on wild adventures to important places in Church history in order to make short documentaries about various religious people and subjects for kids.
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Rob Wahl - The Roamin' Catholic
Rob Wahl
Hi kids, Rob Wahl the Roamin’ Catholic here. Boy, I’m so glad to see you. I just got back from another one of my world-wide pilgrimages, learning about Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church for you! I love my job working for the Pilgrim Travel Network, traveling by plane, boat, bike. . .even foot. But not trains! I’m a little scared of t-t-trains. Well, I’m off on another adventure to learn about the Faith! See you when I get back.
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Pete the Penguin - The Roamin' Catholic
Pete the Penguin
Hello, I’m Pete and I’m a penguin. I live in Rob’s fridge where I stay cool all day. It might be cramped in the fridge, but I really like living here. Rob’s a good friend and he needs me to help get ready for his trips and watch the house while he’s traveling the world. My favorite food is tacos and my favorite TV show is “Penguin Ninjas!”
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The Boss - The Roamin' Catholic
The Boss
Greetings, children. My name is The Boss. I’m the CEO, President, Chairmen and Founder of the Pilgrim Travel Network, PTN for short. I send Rob on all his adventures. In my spare time, I enjoy playing hopscotch and singing in the shower. But don’t tell anyone that, please. Teaching the Faith is priority one on my list.
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Penny - The Roamin' Catholic
Hi, I’m Penny, Rob’s niece. I live three blocks from Uncle Rob with my mom, dad, two older brothers and a younger sister. I like grape soda and my best subject is math. When I grow up, I either want to be a world-traveler like my uncle, or a nun. I like to spend time in the library and playing soccer.