The Position of the Jewish Faith on Abortion

Author: A.L.L.


American Life League

There is a Holocaust taking place in America right now. We can't hear it, because there are no barking dogs; we can't see it, because there are no goose-stepping Nazi soldiers and no concentration camps; we can't smell it because there are no gas chambers. But the net result is exactly the same ... if we fail to act now ... the "silent Holocaust" will have done its job. Hitler will have emerged victorious.

                                                                                              Ephraim Buchwald.[1]

Anti-Life Philosophy.

Jewish law is quite clear in its statement that an embryo is not reckoned a viable living thing (in Hebrew, bar kayama) until thirty days after its birth. One is not allowed to observe the Laws of Mourning for an expelled fetus. As a matter of fact, these Laws are not applicable for a child who does not survive until his thirtieth day. We support legislation enabling women to be free from the whims of biological roulette and free mostly from the oppressive crushing weight of anachronistic ideologies and theologies which, for reasons that escape my ken, continue to insist that in a world already groaning to death with overpopulation, with hate and with poverty, that there is still some noble merit or purpose to indiscriminate reproduction.

Rabbi Balfour Brickner, National Director of the ultraliberal Commission on Interfaith Activities.[2]

The Dilution of Jewish Heritage.

I cannot but agree with your evaluation of the situation in Israel as elsewhere as the result of the worldwide spread of atheism or as I prefer to call it people brainwashed into being unbelievers in the sanctity of life and the rule of G-d over the World. In Israel, it is a particularly sad situation as a combination of Communism and non-religious Zionism have created an educational system totally alien to spiritual values and therefore have caused a generation to be raised in a destructive atmosphere.

          Sephardic Chief Rabbi Israel Ovadya Yosef.[3]

The Major Jewish Sects.

One way of gaining a better understanding of Jewish religious beliefs is to recognize that religious Jews generally follow one of four different spiritual paths, which may overlap to a considerable degree in some areas;[4]

• Orthodox Jews maintain strict adherence to traditional customs, including the Biblical laws regarding family purity. Only about 7 percent of American Jews count themselves as members of this group.

• Reform or Liberal Jews are essentially Humanistic, but apply nominally Jewish customs to contemporary life. About 41 percent of American Jews count themselves as members of this group.

• Conservative Jews try to maintain a strong Jewish identity while combining important elements of both Orthodox and Reform Judaism. About 40 percent of American Jews count themselves as members of this group.

• Hasidic Jews may be seen as even more conservative than Orthodox Jews as they follow a uniquely mystical path.

The Tragedy.

For many centuries, the word "Jew" conjured up many images, the foremost of which were those of a people fortunate enough to possess a rich family life and strong commitment to religious precepts.

Every Jew was an essential member of two extended families one where he lived and the other where he worshipped. These dual families strongly reinforced each other and were literally the warp and woof of daily Jewish life. This dedication to family and faith, in turn, greatly strengthened the extended Jewish nation as a whole.

History has shown us time and again that a nation will endure only as long as its people remain dedicated to their families and to their faith. Once the focus of the people turns inward, to selfish motives, the nation begins to die.

Therefore, it is truly one of the great tragedies of our time that a people who have survived the most vicious attacks through the millennia are now destroying themselves more effectively and efficiently than any external enemy ever could. This sense of disaster is multiplied by the fact that the destruction of the Jewish people is entirely preventable but the Jews, who are the only ones who can save themselves, seem unwilling to do so.

The most galling irony of all is that the Jews are themselves completing the task that Hitler and all of his legions could not accomplish.

It is also excruciatingly true that, for a period of eight centuries (from 1144 to 1945), virtually all of the major persecutions of the Jews were based upon unfounded allegations of ritual child murder.[5] Now, in the United States, Jews enjoy freedom from genocide but have led the drive for legalizing the slaughter of preborn children, a uniquely Modernistic form of ritual child murder on a massive scale.

The Cause.

The cause of both homeland and American Jews turning away from their families and their faith can be stated quite simply. The Jewish culture has been assimilated to a great degree by the great Western melting pot.

A survey of the City University of New York's North American Jewish Data Bank revealed that American Jews are becoming less religious with each passing generation. Currently, only 40 percent of American Jews spend more than three days per year in public worship.[4]

Hallmarks of traditional Jewish life are fast disappearing. The expressions of ideological secularism (to include labor Zionism) have almost vanished from the public scene, as have Landsmanschaften societies and Yiddish-speaking Sholem Aleichem schools. The outwardly visible signs of Jewish piety the yarmulkes, the mezuzahs, the public schoolchildren noticeably absent on holy days, the fellow office worker who always brownbags in order to keep kosher, the friend who does not drive or answer the telephone on Saturday all are disappearing.

Destruction of the Family.

It is interesting to note that traditional Jewish law holds as a religious precept that married couples must abstain from intercourse during menstruation, and resume intercourse only after the woman's immersion in a ritual bath immediately following the cessation of menstruation, and after a period of abstinence of not less than twelve days. This timing made certain that first intercourse coincided approximately with ovulation, and such practices would guarantee the continued survival of the nation. As a general rule, Jewish law discouraged the use of artificial birth regulation, and the only permitted method of child spacing was breastfeeding.

The Jewish culture has traveled a long way down a very dangerous road since these laws were widely observed.

Just as Christians have done, Jews are being "absorbed" into American culture. More young Jews are waiting longer to get married, then tend to marry out of the faith and have one, two, or no children. Jews currently have less children as a group than any other religious or ethnic group, and have more people of marriageable age remaining single than any other group.[4]

And Jews have one of the highest abortion rates of any group of people in the United States, a fact plaintively echoed by one Jewish couple upon learning that their first grandchild had been aborted; "Jews are being screwed out of existence. Who uses birth control? Who gets all these abortions? We're being physically wiped out!"[6]

The Jewish situation in the homeland is even more tenuous. The October 1987 Conference on the Demography of the Jewish People in Jerusalem hardly mentioned the fact that, in 1986, there were 60,000 abortions in Israel and only 70,000 births.[7]

The world's foremost authority on Jewish medical ethics, British Chief Rabbi Dr. Immanual Jakabovits, has recognized that the high Jewish abortion rate now poses a greater threat to the Jewish people than even Hitler did; "These self-inflicted [abortion] losses are proving far more catastrophic than anything we've experienced in our history."[8]

On November 25, 1980, the Minister of Health in the Knesset announced that, of all abortions committed in Israel, 12.2% were for age indications (under 17 or over 40), 33.4% were excused by fornication or adultery, 14.2% were for fetal deformity, 32.2% were for the mother's physical or mental health, and 8 percent were for "social" reasons. This last clause of the 1977 law was repealed by the Knesset in December 1979.[9]

The demographic impacts of the low Jewish birthrate are compounded by the very high Moslem birthrate in Israel and neighboring countries. Adherents to Islam oppose both abortion and artificial contraception, and they are very patient. They recognize that there is more than one way to conquer the world. As Atifa Dawat, an Iranian delegate to the July 1985 conference entitled "Forum '85," in Nairobi, Kenya, stated, "The more children we have, the better. When there are enough Moslems in the world, then we will have world victory."[10]

At the rate they are going, Jews will be a minority in their own country, even within the pre-1967 boundaries, by the turn of the century.

Destruction of the Faith.

Not only are Jewish families disintegrating, but the majority of Jews have abandoned the faith of Abraham and Moses and are thus transforming the very definition of the word "Jew."

The largest survey of U.S. Jews ever performed showed that 75 percent believed that the word "Jew" was more indicative of a cultural group than a religious group.[11]

Many people who identify themselves as "Jewish" simply do not practice their faith. They are part of a large group with a common history, customs and traditions upon which they can draw. Their homeland is Israel, and their identification as Jews has little to do with religion.

This theory is supported by a second survey performed by Steven M. Cohen, professor of sociology at Queens College in New York, who found that Jews in general were much more secular and liberal than the general population.

Cohen's sample of 1,252 Jews and 1,217 non-Jews revealed the following;


[A medium text size on your computer's 'view' setting is recommended, otherwise, the table may be discombobulated.]

                                                                              Agree with Statement
                                                                          Non-Jews                Jews
Homosexuals should have the
   same rights as other people                                    59%                    85%
I would support a Constitutional amend-
   ment permitting school prayer                                 72%                    18%
It is acceptable for a city government 
   to erect a Menorah during Chanukah                      64%                     37%

Cohen concluded that "Jews are more liberal because they are so secular that is, non-religious. Although deeply attached to other Jews as an ethnic group, Jews report religious service attendance rates far lower than other Americans. Generally, the more religious Jews are more conservative."[12]

This is naturally also true of Christians. As the classic example, members of the pro-abortion propaganda group 'Catholics' for a Free Choice are extremely Neoliberal in their outlook, while those Catholics who take their Faith seriously are much more conservative.


Jews have survived more organized oppression than perhaps any other group of human beings in history. Therefore, they might be said to offer the conclusive proof that oppression and religious fervor seem to go hand in hand, while an extended period of unlimited freedom is virtually synonymous with indifference towards the Almighty.

American Jews suffer from the same terminal malaise that Christians do. Both groups are being secularized and being assimilated into the secular 'mainstream' American society. Both groups are bringing up a generation of children woefully ignorant of the basic tenets of their faiths and completely uninstructed in basic Judeo-Christian morality. And both groups have as their visible spokespersons and media darlings those persons whose views are most diametrically opposed to the faiths that they purport to represent.

Traditional Jewish Teachings on Abortion.

To what can the child be compared inside his mother's womb ... as with a candle perched on his head he perceives the world from one end to the other? ... [W]ho shall replace me in those former months, the days when the L-rd watched over me? ... and he is taught the entire Torah ...

                                                                                            Nidah 30b, The Talmud.


Why do various Jewish factions disagree so radically about abortion?

Basically because the Jewish faith has suffered the same catastrophic ethical schism that the Christian church has endured: Denominations representing most of its adherents have thrown away the inspired Word of God and now view themselves as their own masters. Meanwhile, Orthodox Jews struggle to pass on their beliefs and practices to their children in the face of an ever more anti-religious world. The result is a splintering of the original faith into a crazy quilt of sects that embrace the complete range of beliefs on every imaginable social issue.

In order to properly understand this conflict and the resulting range of views on abortion, it is necessary to review the basics of traditional Jewish religious law.

Summary of the Seven Noahide Laws.

First and foremost, Jewish faith is based upon a body of Commandments that include the seven Noahide Laws and a total of 613 parochial commandments.

These laws, just as our Constitution is supposed to be, are interpreted (but not altered) by a vast body of rabbinic opinions and case law referred to as Halakhah (the Talmud), which is based upon divine revelation.[13]

The primary difference between the two sets of commandments is quite clear.

The seven Noahide Laws are universal, in that they apply to everyone, Jew or Gentile.

Bereshis 9:6 contains the seven commandments of Bnei Noach, as follows;

(1) Thou shalt not engage in idol worship.
(2) Thou shalt not blaspheme God.
(3) Thou shalt not kill.
(4) Thou shalt not engage in incestuous, adulterous, or homosexual relations, 
      nor commit the act of rape.
(5) Thou shalt not steal.
(6) Thou shalt establish laws and courts of law to administer these laws.
(7) Thou shalt not be cruel to animals.

The primary objective of the 613 parochial commandments in the Torah (The Five Books of Moses) is to support and preserve the seven indispensable Noahide laws. They are therefore not universally applicable to all people.

Some examples of these parochial commandments are;

• Do not randomly cut down trees (Deuteronomy 20:19);
• Do not randomly castrate animals (Leviticus 22:24); and
• Jewish men who sterilize themselves are cast out of the community 
  (Deuteronomy 23:2).

Interpretation of the Third Noahide Law.

The Old Testament contains the seven Noahide Laws in Genesis 9:6. The third law contains the admonition "He who spills the blood of a man in a man, his blood will be spilt." The Talmud (Sanhedrin 57b) defines "a man in a man" as a preborn baby in his mother's womb. This passage specifically states that abortion is a capital crime, a view supported by one of the leading sages of the Talmud, Rabbi Yishmael.[7]

Maimonides, the great twelfth-century interpreter and codifier of Jewish law, stated that "Six commandments were commanded by God to Abraham and the commandment of cruelty to animals was added to Noah ... When Abraham came he was commanded to circumcise ... and Moses was given the Torah."[13]

In his interpretation of the Third Noahide Law, Maimonides writes in his Mishneh Torah that abortion is a capital crime for the Jews; "A descendant of Noah who kills any human being, even a fetus in its mother's womb, is to be put to death."

On "Hard Travail."

Maimonides ruled that abortion is allowable only if the pregnancy definitely and without question endangers the life of the mother (Hilkhot Rozeah 1:9 and Shulhan Arukh Hoshen Mishpat 425:2); "This also is a negative precept: not to have compassion on the life of a pursuer. Therefore, the Sages' rules [regarding] a pregnant woman in hard travail that it is permitted to dismember the fetus in her womb, whether by chemical means or by hand, for it [the fetus] is as one pursuing her in order to kill her."[13]

This passage refers to "hard travail," which was a delivery complicated by the size or position of the baby, so that a normal birth was impossible. At the time this commentary was written (prior to the development of obstetrical forceps and, later, safe surgical techniques for Cesarian section), this sort of problem would often result in the deaths of both mother and baby. The only way available to remove a baby that was "stuck" was to dismember it. In most cases, the mother would have been in labor for literally days, and the baby would have died due to anoxia.

In summary, The Talmud rules that abortion is permissible only in very extreme cases: specifically when a woman's "hard travail" places her life in definite danger (Oholoth 7:6). This is a codification of Maimonides' concept of the rodef, or "pursuer."

Therefore, traditional Jewish law holds that the unborn child has a right to life just as strong as the mother's except when he poses an imminent and actual danger to her life.

The Catholic parallel to the "hard travail" exception is referred to as the "double effect," and is described in Chapter 43, "Catholic Church Position on Abortion."

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Rabbinical Court of America and the U.S. coordinator of the Jewish Survival Legion, Rabbi Marvin S. Antelman, clearly stated the position of Jewish Noahide law on abortion when he said in 1978 that "All major religions have their parochial and their universal aspects, and the problem of abortion is NOT a parochial one. It is of universal morality, and it is neither a Catholic problem, nor a Jewish problem, nor a Protestant problem. It involves the killing of a human being, an act forbidden by universal commandment."[14]

Chief Rabbi Dr. Immanual Jakabovits outlined the foundation of the reasoning behind this statement when he held that "Jewish law sees every human life as having the sanctity of intrinsic and infinite worth. One life has as much value as one hundred or one thousand; you cannot multiply infinity and you cannot divide it. So every human being has an identical worth and is identically worth saving."[8]

Exceptions to the Third Noahide Law.

It is interesting to compare the attitudes of scholars from the various branches of Judaism regarding permissible exceptions for abortion.

Jewish law, while not specifically granting full personhood (nefesh) status to the preborn, nevertheless modified strict obligations in order to accommodate pregnant women. The Sanhedrin allowed the Sabbath to be violated for the sake of the preborn child, and no pregnant woman could be tried for a capital offense until she had given birth.[7]

The Talmud held that the preborn baby was "one of the living limbs of the mother." This might sound like support for the pro-abortion "woman's body, woman's choice" slogan, but it must be noted that The Talmud also prohibited any form of self-mutilation. Therefore, protection for the preborn child except in the case of "hard travail" was absolute.

Orthodoxy permits abortion to save the life of the mother only in instances of "grave necessity." This might include aggravation of a serious heart condition or if the mother's physical health would deteriorate drastically as the direct result of fetal deformity, a rare occurrence indeed.[7]

Relying upon this and related rulings, in certain extraordinary cases, Orthodox rabbis have, for specific individuals and for extreme circumstances, allowed abortions in the cases of documented pathologic mental anguish.

These few specific exceptions (numbering no more than six) have naturally led pro-abortion propagandists to state that Jewish law allows abortion for any physical or mental indication whatever. It must be remembered that pro-abortion activists used the very same technique in secular courts to expand the "physical and mental health of the mother" exception until it could justify literal abortion on demand.

As a reflection of this strategy, Conservative and Reform scholars require only "severe anguish" to be shown before abortion, which is, of course, no limitation whatever on abortion. Any woman can claim that she will suffer "severe anguish" if she is "forced" to continue her pregnancy. It must be remembered that any person facing a crisis pregnancy can legitimately claim "severe anguish" and that, of course, this has absolutely no bearing on the value of the preborn child's life.

Conservative and Reform scholars say that the Sinaitic Laws referring specifically to the Jewish people do not treat abortion as a capital crime in Exodus 21:22-23. But the Hebrew word for a miscarried baby in Exodus 21:22 is y'ladeha, or "child," instead of u'bar or v'lad, the terms for "embryo" and "fetus." Therefore, this passage implies that the preborn has already achieved full humanity, and to deliberately cause its death would therefore be a form of homicide.

Exodus 21:12 speaks specifically of capital punishment for killing a man, so many liberal scholars conclude from the sum of the passages in the 21st Chapter of Exodus that capital punishment is meted out for killing a man but not a preborn baby.

But the Conservative and Reform scholars seem to avoid the fundamental point in all of this. The Talmud states in Nidah 31a that there are three partners in the creation of a child: The father, the mother, and Hashem. According to Chazal, this means that the creation of a child is the direct will of the Creator Himself. Does it make any sense to deny the will of the Almighty by killing one of His creations for any circumstances less urgent than to save another of His creations a woman in "hard travail?"

Rabbis Get to the Essential Point.

Rabbi Doctor Chaim U. Lipschitz, editor of The Jewish Press in Portland, explains that;

Certainly on the issue of abortion we, as the true practitioners of the total and complete law of our immutable Holy Torah, are not represented by those Jewish secularists who advocate open and legalized abortion. Again I say it: We consider abortion to be murder, plain and simple. We do permit it only to save the life of the mother, as the saving of a sure life is of greater priority to us than killing an existing one in order to complete a life in formation. Every case is judged individually. Other than that, we oppose abortion in every way and for every reason. This is the Jewish point of view, and it is important to let our non-Jewish friends know that.[15]

Rabbi Doctor Bernard Poupko, Chairman of the Rabbinical Board of Greater Pittsburgh, and National President of the Religious Zionists of America, further states that; "Judaism has been the moral mentor of Western civilization, and no code of morality surpasses our Bible's concern for human life. Our holiest days and every religious precept must be set aside in order to save a human life. A sensitivity to social injustice is embedded within our tradition. And it is Judaism which resists a blanket allowance to abortion except under controlled circumstances as prescribed by competent rabbinic authority. Living in a time as we do when divinely revealed, universally binding and time-proven moral principles and ethical values which are divinely revealed are being challenged by a new and ruthless onslaught of secularism and nihilism, when some priests in the "Temple of Science" are relegating the sanctity of human life into the confines of a test tube, we who are committed to the notion of the divine image of man must speak up and act, vigorously and courageously, for the preservation of human life, both born and unborn."

Finally, Dr. Louis C. Gerstein, Associate Rabbi, Spanish-Portuguese Synagogue of New York, states that "The position of the traditional Jewish doctrine is that interruption of pregnancy is admissible only when there is imminent danger for the mother's life and when no other way is possible."[16]

Jewish 'Dissenters'

Engineers of the New American Holocaust.

I would suggest that one of the greatest dangers facing the Jewish people in Israel is the direct result of a Western mental attitude, foreign to Judaism, and totally self-destructive. I am referring to the present Israeli secular attitude towards childbearing, fertility and family planning. If these attitudes are not drastically changed soon, there may be dire consequences for the Zionist dream and the Jewish people.

                                                                                                      Shimon Glick.[17]

Yet More "Diversity of Opinion."

There are more than a dozen major branches of Judaism in the United States.

Those branches that have adhered to the original teachings of Judaism are invariably pro-life. Groups representing these branches include;

• The Rabbinical Alliance of America;
• The Rabbinical Council of America;
• United Orthodox Rabbis of the United States and Canada; and
• The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America.

On the other hand, Neoliberal Jewish sects are a superb source of anti-life propaganda, and they enthusiastically push abortion, sodomy, pornography, and euthanasia. Organizations representing totally pro-abortion Jewish sects include;

• American Jewish Committee;
• American Jewish Congress;
• B'nai B'rith Women;
• Central Conference of American Rabbis [Reform];
• Federation of Reconstructionist Congregations;
• Hadassah Women;
• Jewish Labor Committee;
• Na'amat USA;
• National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods [Reform];
• National Council of Jewish Women;
• New Jewish Agenda;
• North American Temple Youth;
• Rabbinical Assembly;
• Union of American Hebrew Congregations [Reform];
• United Synagogues of America [Conservative];
• Women's League for Conservative Judaism.

These sects, in cooperation with the United Methodist Church, were the religious groups most responsible for establishing abortion on demand in the United States, and many of their members actually led the push to legalize abortion. There is not much hope for reform in these organizations, because many Jewish seminaries have gone sour, just as have many Christian seminaries.

For example, the Jewish Theological Seminary of America and the Hebrew Union College even deny the divine and eternal nature of the Torah.

It is obvious that ultraliberal pro-abortion 'Jewish' sects (just like many so-called 'cafeteria Christians') have simply discarded the Commandments that do not suit them. In order to psychologically insulate themselves from this action, they have surrounded themselves with a lush thicket of Newspeak and other New Age trappings just as many Neoliberal 'Christian' sects have done.

The "Victim Status" At Work.

As described in Chapter 9 of Volume I, "The Anti-Life Victim Status," it is now socially unacceptable to criticize the actions of any member of a certified "victim group," regardless of his actions. These groups include women, Blacks, sodomites, and Neoliberal Jews.

Even the most casual examination of social trends reveals that individuals from these "victim groups" have a much greater latitude to commit unethical and illegal acts and to say outrageous things than do those persons who are not members of these classes of people.

Whenever some brave person raises objections to even the most flagrant abuses committed by "certified victims," he or she is inevitably labeled "misogynist," "racist," "homophobic," or "anti-Semitic," depending upon the "victim's" background.

The mere fact that the perpetrator of some heinous act is a member of one of these groups must not stop pro-lifers from proclaiming the truth. If activists allow a person to use his gender, race, religious upbringing, or history of sexual perversions as a blanket excuse to commit atrocities, then there is simply no way to effectively oppose these atrocities.

'Jews' in the Lead.

There is no doubt that people who identify themselves as 'Jews' have led and do lead the abortion movement, not only in the United States, but all over the world.

Yet these pro-abortion 'Jews' violate the most basic Jewish laws regarding the sanctity of life. They claim to be Jews merely to deflect criticism, just as renegade 'Catholics' trumpet their nominal religious affiliation in order to pander to the whims of abortophiles. They are usually members of ultraliberal 'Jewish' sects that are the theological equivalent of various 'Christian' churches. The primary purposes of these groups include functioning as propaganda organs for the new social revolution and salving the consciences of congregation members.

The Role of Pro-Abortion 'Jews' in the American Holocaust.

Judaism regards all life including fetal life as inviolate. Abortion is not a private matter between a woman and her physician. It infringes upon the most fundamental right of a third party that of the unborn child.

Statement of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, issued at its 78th National Convention in 1976.

In The Beginning.

In the late 1960s, pro-life activists observed that the abortion 'rights' movement was primarily motivated and led by people who called themselves Jews. About half of all abortionists and abortion clinic owners identified themselves as Jewish, which was far out of proportion with the Jewish population, which made up less than five percent of the United States population.

Dr. Kenneth Mitzner, a California aerospace engineer who founded the pro-life League Against Neo-Hitlerism, wrote in 1973 that "It is tragic but demonstrably true that most of the leaders of the pro-abortion movement are of Jewish extraction."

Dr. Mitzner, who is himself Jewish, said in a 1987 statement that; "Jews must decide whether we condemn Hitler and his followers because mass murder is intrinsically evil or whether our quarrel is just with their choice of us as victims. If our concern is only with the killing of Jews, we have no claim on the sympathies of the rest of humanity. Some Jews ask the world to weep with us for the Jewish victims of Nazism, and at the same time they promote the murder of innocent babies by abortion. Such Jews are the most contemptible of hypocrites."

Many self-described 'Jews' continue to lead the abortion movement and, most pitiable of all, 'rabbis,' properly cloaked in all of the correct trappings, proclaim that abortion is not only a necessity, it is a Good Thing for America.

These 'rabbis' realize that they are simply front men, and so simply parrot the pro-abortion line, apparently without thought. One good example of a profoundly myopic statement was recently provided by 'Rabbi' Ernst J. Conrad, writing for the 'Religious' Coalition for Abortion Rights; "It would not occur to American Jews to suggest that the centuries-old attitude of our faith toward the question of abortion should become the required guide for all other Americans whose teachings on this matter may differ."[18]

A more profoundly stupid statement could scarcely be imagined. While Conrad spews this nonsense, the group he represents does insist that its view on abortion be forced on all other Americans (the view that life begins at birth), and it does insist that all Americans fund abortions for poor women, regardless of their personal beliefs.

'Jews' Perpetrating Another Holocaust.

The American pro-abortion movement has always been led by those who claim to be Jewish. Just a few examples of the extraordinary range of activities by pro-abortionists who identify themselves as Jews are listed in Figure 44-1.


• All four original organizers of the most influential group of abortion pushers in the United States the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) were of Jewish birth, including now pro-life Dr. Bernard Nathanson.

• Dr. Christopher Tietze worked for the Population Institute and International Planned Parenthood Federation, and did more to promote the worldwide slaughter of innocent unborn children than any other person.

• Dr. Alan Guttmacher was president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America for more than a decade, founded Planned Parenthood Physicians, and did more than any other doctor to promote abortion in this country. He also advocated mandatory abortion and sterilization for certain groups in the United States.

• Dr. Etienne-Emile Baulieu, inventor of the RU-486 abortion pill, was born in 1926 to a physician named Leon Blum. He changed his name in 1942 to escape the Nazi's Zyklon-B gas, manufactured by the same company he works for today Roussel-Uclaf!

• Stanford professor Paul Ehrlich is the 'father' of the overpopulation myth. His 'work,' The Population Bomb, was the 'spark' that ignited the anti-natalist movement, even though his assumptions and research have been thoroughly debunked and discredited by scholars and leading demographers (this book predicted widespread famine in North America by 1990, with more than 40 million people dying of starvation. Instead, diet books crowd store shelves). The book, sloppily written in just two weeks , was simply the spark that the disorganized anti-population people were waiting for, and it was eagerly seized upon and used for propaganda. Like Guttmacher, he advocated forced abortions and sterilizations in the United States.

• Lawrence Lader, king of the abortion propagandists, has written several books crammed with fabrications and outright lies that have helped advance abortion all around the world. Examples of these books are Abortion and Abortion II. Lader was quoted 11 times in Roe v. Wade, because he had a message that the Justices wanted to hear. (In the same decision, testimony from the world's leading fetologist, Dr. A. W. Liley, was totally ignored because it decisively undercut the Court's decision). Lader also hints (screams?) at his attitude towards population control in another book entitled Breeding Ourselves to Death. Lader also founded Abortion Rights Mobilization (ARM), which sued the Internal Revenue Service in court in a failed attempt to get the tax-exempt status of the Catholic Church revoked for opposing abortion too effectively. He also was one of the leading proponents of the abortion pill RU-486.

• Henry Morgentaler of Canada opened illegal abortion clinics in the city of Toronto and performed thousands of abortions with the complicity of the city police. The court cases arising from his activism led directly to the overturning of protective abortion laws in Canada and abortion on demand.

• California and New York state legislators led the drive for legalized abortion in the United States. Legislators who constantly emphasized their Jewishness led the pro-abortion movement in both states; those leaders included state senators Anthony Bielenson in California and Albert Blumenthal in New York.

• Pro-abortion 'Jews' dominate such anti-life groups as the American Civil Liberties Union and People for the American Way.

• Of the 41 Jewish-born members of the U.S. Senate over the last 20 years, 32 (or 80 percent) have been stridently pro-abortion.

• Numerous liberal Jewish groups openly support and advocate abortion, including the American Jewish Committee, the American Jewish Congress, the National Council of Jewish Women, Hadassah Women, the Federation of Reconstructionist Congregations, the Jewish Labor Committee, the Union of American Hebrew Congregations, B'nai B'rith Women, Na'amat USA, the National Council of Jewish Women, the National Federation of Temple Sisterhood, the New Jewish Agenda, North American Temple Youth, the United Synagogues of America, and the Women's League for Conservative Judaism. Many of these groups were founded for the express purpose of pushing abortion.

• Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem were both born Jewish. So was France's health minister Simone Weil, who established abortion on demand in that country despite surviving Auschwitz. At a Paris news conference, she said "We are out to destroy the family. The best way to do that is to begin by attacking its weakest member, the unborn child."

• The officially suppressed Lichter-Rothman studies revealed the following fascinating information about the 'movers and shakers' of the media (both researchers, by the way, are Jewish): Leaders of the motion picture industry: 95% pro-abortion, 62% Jewish: Leaders of the television industry: 97% pro-abortion, 59% Jewish: Leaders of the news media industry: 90% pro-abortion, 23% Jewish.

• Jewish groups are in the forefront as desperate pro-abortion groups spend tens of millions of dollars in a nationwide advertising campaign to keep abortion legal. For example, the American Jewish Congress ran a ridiculous $30,000 full-page ad in the February 28, 1989 New York Times entitled "Abortion and the Sacredness of Life." This statement, renamed "An open letter to those who would ban abortion," and run in the March 13-19 issue of Roll Call, includes the amazing lead-in question, "Did you know that abortion can be a religious requirement? Not just permitted, but required?" The statement goes on to make the point that it is far better to kill a baby than to endanger or even mildly depress the mother.

Naturally, the press gives pro-abortion 'Jews' great play, and excuses them from actions that it would vigorously condemn pro-lifers for. Imagine what the press would do to a pro-life activist who attacked and seriously injured a Jewish abortionist with a baseball bat! Yet, when Jewish abortionist Barnett Slepian beat a pro-life activist in the head with a baseball bat and seriously injured him, the press and abortophiles whined that pro-lifers were anti-Semitic for picketing his home!

Abortuary owner Marilynn Buckham told the Buffalo News "I think it's [picketing] religious persecution. These 'good Christians' don't respect anyone else's religion."[19]

At Slepian's trial, Amherst Town Justice Sherwood Bestry said to him "The Court feels you have suffered a great deal on account of this." Following this "trial," the Amherst Town Board immediately banned the picketing of homes by pro-lifers. Violators of this ordinance face a $500 fine and six months in jail.[19]

The Essential Point.

The essential point regarding virtually all pro-abortion 'Jews' is precisely this; they are no more Jewish than members of 'Catholics' for a Free Choice are Catholic. They do not practice their faith. They are atheists in fact, if not in name.

They use the Jewish faith only as a handy shield against criticism. It is true that some of them may appear at Temple occasionally, but these people, who have been aptly described as "the most contemptible of hypocrites," are no more Jewish than Teddy Kennedy or Frances Kissling are Catholic. And just as Kennedy and Kissling use their alleged Catholicism as a propaganda tool, 'Jewish' abortophiles use their Jewishness to contest the undeniable fact that the protection of preborn life is part of the Judeo-Christian ethic, and part of Mosaic law as understood by both Christians and Jews.

Just as real Christians are pro-life, so also are real Jews! And pro-lifers must not be afraid of exposing and opposing pro-abortionists, regardless of their nationality, race, or religious affiliation.

Pro-Lifers = Nazis?

The Charges.

Pro-abortion 'Jews' are by no means above using the tactic of transference to smear their opposition. This psychological ploy, described in Chapter 13 of Volume I, means that they attribute their own worst characteristics to pro-lifers in order to muddy the waters and divert attention from their own murderous activities. This tactic generally includes the use of the 'victim' status as a shield against criticism.

For example, Judith Antonelli wrote in the Boston Jewish Advocate that "The anti-Semitic nature of the anti-abortion movement in general ... is not at all difficult to prove."

When asked for such proof, Antonelli naturally declined to answer.

This is a curious statement, in light of the fact that pro-abortion bigotry against Catholics originated with two prominent Jews, Larry Lader and Bernard Nathanson.

In his book Aborting America, Dr. Nathanson describes part of a 1969 conversation he had with fellow abortophile Larry Lader, in which Lader theorized that; "Historically, every revolution has to have its villain ... Now, in our case, it makes little sense to lead a campaign only against unjust laws, even though that's what we really are doing. We have to narrow the focus, identify those unjust laws with a person or a group of people ... There's always been one group of people in this country associated with reactionary politics, behind-the-scenes manipulations, socially backward ideas. You know who I mean, Bernie ... the Catholic hierarchy. That's a small enough group to come down on, and anonymous enough so that no names ever have to be mentioned ... "[20]

Other even more extreme anti-Catholic statements made by Lader and other early members of the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) are described in Chapter 62.

Naturally, Gentile pro-abortion politicians are eager to accuse pro-lifers of anti-Semitism to raise funds for their campaigns.

One particularly repulsive example was provided by Senator Bob Packwood ("Senator Death") of Oregon, who targeted pro-Israel supporters all over the country in a 1986 fundraising letter that reads as follows (Packwood, who prides himself on his role in engineering advances for women, apparently has a twenty-year record of making advances on women).

Note how Packwood very subtly and skillfully switches from denouncing neo-Nazi groups to railing against pro-lifers, while in the process tying the two together; " ... somewhere, some kid who has never known a Jew, and doesn't understand the Holocaust, sits in the dark and listens to this [neo-Nazi] filth. And to that kid, their message may make sense. Kids like that don't get messages just from the Aryan Nations or other radical groups. They also hear from those who use these groups's tactics ... For example, because I support the right of a woman to make a choice about whether or not she wants to have an abortion, some extreme right-wing groups have labeled me 'Senator Death' and targeted me for political destruction ... in their literature they describe me and all pro-choice people as having 'the blood of millions of innocent human lives on your hands.' And it troubles me that the same kid who listens to the message of the Aryan Nations will listen to this message as well ... They all show a totalitarian inability to hear both sides of an issue. They are "intolerant" and "intolerable.""[21]

The Rebuttal.

Syndicated columnist Don Feder, himself a practicing Jew, effectively rebuts the spurious charge of pro-life anti-Semitism; "The Hitlerite scourge destroyed one-third of my people. If Operation Rescue can persuade those Jewish women who are mesmerized by the siren song of radical autonomy to keep their babies, it will have made an invaluable contribution to Jewish survival."[22]

The summary of the situation is this: The victims of the first Holocaust are now perpetrating a second Holocaust while alleging that those who oppose the second Holocaust are the same as those who perpetrated the first one.

Is that clear to everyone?

Despite all of this confusing crossfire, Jewish and Christian pro-life activists are continually inspired by the teachings of rabbis like Yehuda Levin of Brooklyn, who has been personally involved in Operation Rescue and constantly points out the true Jewish teaching regarding abortion: That whoever kills a "man within a man" shall be punished (Genesis IX, 6). Rabbi Levin constantly exhorts pro-lifers all over the country to become involved, and can be reached for consultation or speaking engagements at

2986 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, New York, 11210
Telephone: (718) 258-8675
   or at the 
Jewish Anti-Abortion League
Post Office Box 262
Gravesend Station
Brooklyn, New York 11223
Telephone: (718) 336-0053.

The New/Old Holocaust Analogy.

At no time do 'Jewish' abortophiles become more indignant than when pro-lifers explain and publicize the many parallels between the original Nazi Holocaust and the one occurring in the United States right now. The intensity of their reaction to such analogies is almost comically vitriolic.

Abortophile Regina Barshak squawked loudly when pro-lifers drew the Old/New Holocaust analogy, in an article entitled "A Jewish Cry of Protest" (not a "woman's cry of protest" or an "American Cry of Protest" but a "Jewish Cry of Protest");

For the purposes of this political campaign, they [pro-lifers] help themselves at the expense of cheapening the memory of those millions of murdered men, women and children, as well as at the expense of the personal distress caused by an apparently disrespectful use of events ... It must be noted that while millions of men, women and children relentlessly dragged themselves to their death under the boots of their tormentors for nearly a decade, neither the voices of the prestigious leaders of the Vatican nor the voices of "Value of Life" persons were heard on behalf of these tortured lives. Now this world drama is exploited in the form of a callous and cheap and convenient cliche for the self-serving purposes of a political controversy.[23]

Not only is Barshak's knowledge of history abysmal, but her transparent anti-Catholic bigotry clearly shows through. Prominent Jewish leaders have acknowledged the actions of the Vatican and of various Fundamentalist churches in saving the lives of tens of thousands of Jews during World War II.

During the War, Pope Pius XII authorized the issuing of more than 10,000 Vatican ration tickets, identity cards, and other papal documents to refugees at great risk to both himself and the Vatican. The Vatican's Crusade of Charity directly assisted more than 695,000 victims of the war, including a large percentage of Jews. The Pope saved the lives of hundreds of Jews by paying to the Nazis a ransom of one hundred pounds of gold, obtained by melting down religious vessels. And the Pope and his officials established 180 places of refuge within the tiny confines of the Vatican, which sheltered more than five thousand Jews during the Nazi occupation of Rome.[24]

Upon the close of the war, the Chief Rabbi of Rome, who had been sheltered for months in the Vatican, converted to Catholicism.[24]

But these historical facts mean nothing to common bigots like Barshak, who will slavishly ignore all evidence in their almost pathological desire to condemn the Catholic Church, which remains the single greatest obstacle to free and easy abortion on demand.

Masturbation guru Sol Gordon has angrily denounced the Old/New Holocaust analogy in even more direct terms;

In our view, individuals who exhibit the least human dignity are those who compare the Holocaust, the mass murder of 6 million Jews, to abortion. There exists no comparison more immoral or depraved. It is both illogical and outrageous to suggest that the calculated murder of millions of children and adults can be equated with an individual woman's decision to terminate her pregnancy ...[25]

Notice how pro-aborts like to have it both ways; when pro-lifers enter the political arena, abortophiles snivel that they are trying to impose a "profoundly religious" viewpoint on everyone and then, when pro-lifers try to become involved in church activities, the abortion issue suddenly becomes a "political campaign," as Barshak asserts.

Pro-lifers should not be misled by the agonized bleating of 'Jews' who are aggressively promoting abortion. For these people, preserving their precious abortion 'right' is infinitely more important than honoring the memory of the victims of the original Holocaust.

A detailed examination of the many parallels between the original and current Holocausts is contained in Chapter 53. This chapter also features more examples of abortophile objections to the analogy and rebuts each of them.

Why Are the Victims Now the Perpetrators?

Why Indeed?

The current situation is deeply troubling, in light of the fact that two-thirds of the victims of Hitler's gas chambers were Jewish. Why are the victims of one Holocaust perpetrating another? Has the world and particularly the victims not learned the lessons of World War II?

The 'Hardening Theory.'

Some Jewish pro-life activists, including Rabbi Mordechai Blank, speculate that pro-abortion 'Jews' are simply hardened to the horrors of persecution and feel justified in persecuting others.

For example, the chief proponent of abortion in the Israeli Knesset (Parliament) was feminist Chaike Crossman, who suffered in Auschwitz during World War II.[26] Another outstanding example is Henry Morgentaler of Canada, who was also interned at Auschwitz.[27] This prolific abortionist was the driving force behind the legalization of abortion in Canada. He ignored any abortion law that did not suit him, and set up illegal clinics that were actually protected by local police. Morgentaler gave us a revealing glimpse into his murderous personality when he said that "It took me years to get rid of this image [of myself helpless in the concentration camps]. And to do that, it was absolutely necessary to oppose authority whatever the authority may be."[28]

Perhaps Morgentaler is 'taking out' his frustrations and his pain on preborn babies.

The Assimilation Theory.

However, a more likely explanation is that Jewish culture has simply been assimilated into the Humanistic melting-pot of the West to a large degree, and perhaps the extended suffering experienced by the Jews has equipped them with a 'battle-ready' philosophy that can be more easily adapted to social activism than the mentality of those other groups whose struggles for the right to exist are few and far between.

In our great melting pot, the 'lowest common denominator' i.e., the easiest rules to follow are readily adopted by those who do not vigilantly guard and treasure their heritage.

Pro-abortion 'Jews,' along with pro-abortion 'Catholics,' Methodists, Lutherans and Episcopalians, have simply lost sight of their roots and have cloaked themselves in the mantle of Humanism.

And, since Humanism does not recognize the existence of an eternal soul, abortion comes naturally to all of those who are hoodwinked into forgetting their roots.

References: Jewish Faith Position on Abortion.

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Further Reading and Resources: Jewish Faith Position on Abortion.

Bernard M. Nathanson, M.D. The Abortion Papers: Inside the Abortion Mentality
Idea Books, Post Office Box 4010, Madison, Wisconsin 53711. 1985, 192 pages. Reviewed by Nancy Koster on page 6 of the November 24, 1983 issue of National Right to Life News. A former prolific abortionist exposes the anti-Catholic bigotry of the pro-abortion movement, discusses the role of the blatantly biased media in obtaining abortion on demand, and explores what the science of fetology has revealed about the unborn child. This enjoyable book is written in George Will's wry and acerbic style. Dr. Nathanson is one of the co-founders of the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL). Chapter 3, "Catholics," pages 177 to 209, describes in detail how NARAL used blatant anti-Catholic bigotry to push liberalized abortion laws and undermine the teachings of the Church. Other examples of NARAL skulduggery abound in this book. For example, NARAL asserted to the state of Massachusetts that pro-life groups have no right to endorse pro-life candidates, even if the groups are not tax-exempt. In the ensuing lawsuit, Federal Election Commission v. Massachusetts Citizens for Life, Inc., the right to distribute such literature was upheld. This is typical of the harassment lawsuits brought by NARAL and others when any pro-life efforts are in progress. Pro-aborts almost never spend money themselves, but get a government entity to go after pro-life activists. Also see Chapter 1, "Abortion and the Media," pages 7 to 109, and Chapter 2, "Fetology for Pro-Life," pages 111 to 175. Chapter 2 consists of a detailed and interesting history of fetology in the United States.

Gershom Scholem. "The Holiness of Sin." 
Commentary, January 1971, pages 41 to 70. A landmark document that explains how the nihilism of the Sabbatian and Frankist movements, which held that the violation of the Torah was in actuality its true fulfillment, were outgrowths of the belief of the Messiahship of Sabbatai Zevi (before his apostasy), and that this nihilism in turn led to the Reform movement of the 19th Century. Very heavy reading, but traces the roots of how the Jewish faith has splintered just as the Christian faith has. This article is accompanied by Commentary editor Norman Podhoretz' article drawing an analogy to modern political movements and how they are led and influenced by apostate or cultural Jews.

Those wishing to aid the cause of life in Israel may write to the only organized pro-life group in the country: "Efrath-Hazchut Lichyot", Post Office Box 15004, Jerusalem, Israel, Telephone: 02-817963. This group is modeled after pro-life organizations in the United States, but with a Jewish flavor.

The Jewish Anti-Abortion League. 
C/O Rabbi Yehuda Levin
Post Office Box 262
Gravesend Station
Brooklyn, New York 11223
Telephone: (718) 336-0053.

"Holocaust: New and Old." 
A 14-page booklet containing the complete interview by National Catholic Register editor Patrick Riley with Elasah Drogin of the group Remnant of Israel. The subject of the interview was the parallel between the Nazi Holocaust and the one now happening in the United States, and the willing complicity of cultural Jews in the slaughter. This booklet is available from Catholics United for Life, New Hope, Kentucky 40052.

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