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Feedback : Your Messages and Images



Thank you EWTN for full coverage of WYD-I watched every hour you aired.I'm 65 yr's(cradle catholic) in the church and it is great to see our young people responding with such enthusiasm to the Holy Spirit & our Holy Father-the future of our church is in good hands!!God Bless our youngsters.I love reading Father's Blog & looking at all the pictures.Keep up the good work EWTN-there is no other media out there like you.




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Thank you and God bless first of all the people of Australia for presenting their country and our wonderful universal church in such a glorious way. To all that had from the smallest job to the most demanding, thank you so very much! May our Blessed Lord shower you greatly with His love and blessings. How thrilling it was to see such a strong and spiritual showing of the Aboriginals and other Indigenous groups from Oceania. It added so much color to the Masses.

To Cardinal George Pell - Bravo! We know our dear Blessed Mother and Her Son who is so dear to ALL OF US CATHOLICS AROUND THE GLOBE is very proud of all of your work to present Mother Church in such a dignified and special way.

To the musicians and vocalists - Some of the best music we have EVER heard in a Catholic event as huge as WYD 2008. All of your hours of work is greatly appreciated.

To EWTN - Job WELL DONE! We older Catholics who watched eagerly on TV from San Diego, were equally spiritually revved up by the Holy Sprit. I (Nancy K) spent my 20th birthday and the following two years in Australia as a professional musician. My heart was left there because of my love for the Australian people and this amazing country, that's for sure! How I especially appreciated the sites of the Stations of the Cross showing venues I remember from long ago. Now I am homesick and must save up my pennies to go back, probably permanently. Every word that you made available for printable versions we have downloaded for safe keeping, and copies have been printed out and shared with friends who do not have access to computers.

To On the Rock - What a great job!! All of you were amazing! The spirit of the young at this marvelous "Catholic Outing" was contagious even through the TV. Thank you for all of your hard work and for caring so much about our younger generations. You truly are a Rock, just like Peter and our dear Pope Benedict XVI.

Pax Christi!
Gail T. - O.C.D.S. and Nancy S. -O.C.D.S.,
San Diego CA



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I want to thank EWTN for its coverage of the Holy Father and the Catholic Church in Sydney for world youth day. I am a devout Catholic and I greatly appreciate your hard work.



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I am impressed at your coverage of the Pope's visit to Australia!

Christopher W.
Salem, WV USA



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Thank you EWTN for your lovely coverage of World Youth Day. I live in Australia and when the secular coverage is over, I go straight to EWTN and watch via the internet. I live almost 2000 miles north of Sydney and I can feel the power of the Holy Spirit touching us here. Our forefathers named our land "The great south land of the Holy Spirit" and maybe they foresaw this great outpouring we all have received from WYD.

God Bless,



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Congrats!!! on an awesome job by all at EWTN on the WYD2008 coverage. I live in Sydney and attended some of the WYD2008 events in Sydney. I enjoyed watching and listening to your coverage, I started watching on my laptop and in no time my son connected the laptop to my 38" TV, and we enjoyed watching your coverage compared to the local tv station. You and your team did a fantastic job. Keep up the good work May God Bless each and every member of your team

Best Regards,
Ken F.



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Dear Fr Mark
We are thankfull for the live coverage of the World Youth Day 2008 events. it is a great feeling to belong to the Catholic church. your extensive coverage as not only kept us informed but also helped us to renew our faith and encouraged us to walk in the way of the lord. We live in BOMBAY INDIA . It has been a real inspirational journey for us especially the live enactment of the way of the cross and the homilys during mass. . thank you once again and keep up the good work

God bless,
mumbai ,India



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Dear EWTN Team!
May God Bless you for broadcasting WYD 08 day and night, I have been to 2 WYDs before and was planning to go to this one but couldn’t make it, watching on EWTN made me feel as I was there travelling with my brothers and sisters in Christ from London, praying at the Vigil, making the pilgrim walk over the bridge, attending the final mass, waving flags. With out you we would not have seen anything here in the UK!

London, England



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Thanks to all who co-ordinated the coverage in Sydney of WYD 08. It was worth every minute of getting up at 4:30 am to watch coverage live. The re-enactment of Our Lord's Passion moved me to tears as did the sight of our Holy Father's face as he watched the youth. It's so encouraging to see that there are so many good youth out there, it's just a shame that the general media doesn't cover these wonderful events. Thank God for EWTN. God Bless you all and keep us tuned in, I'm soooooo blessed to have EWTN.

Thanks again,
Liverpool ENGLAND


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I believe that the feelings these people who are now returning to their homelands and their everyday lives will feel what I felt after my Cursillo Weekend. This is their Fourth Day. It is a powerful and awesome feeling that stays with you for a long time. Thank you EWTN for your wonderful coverage, I enjoyed watching every show you had on your schedule. God Bless all of you at EWTN and all the Pilgrims who made the journey to World Youth Day in Sydney.

Pat D.



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Dear Life on the Rock,
This note is to thank Father Mark for his outstanding coverage of World Youth Day. He must be exhausted and I pray he will have a few days rest when he returns to Alabama. He is most deserving of an R&R. Watching Pope Benedict is a joy. EWTN is a blessing and gift to all of us out here. We are deeply grateful to Mother Angelica. Rest up, Father Mark. You have earned it!

A California Viewer



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