World Youth Day - News



VATICAN,   ( -- The number of young people arriving in Rome for World Youth Day continued to surpass all previous expectations, as organizers reported that 900,000 participants had arrived by August 17-- with many more expected before the climactic ceremonies of August 19 and 20. The unexpected crowds are taking a toll on Rome's transportation system, especially since the latest arrivals are often being forced to find lodging as far as 80 miles outside Rome. After the formal opening of World Youth Day in St. Peter's Square on August 15, there were 34,000 passengers waiting for trains in Rome's central stations, instead of the 11,000 that had been expected. Extra trains have now been added to the commuting schedule. Italian police have also been pressed into extra service, but there have been only a few minor accidents and no significant disturbances. For the most part, the police have been busy handling the unprecedented flow of traffic to and from the Vatican, and helping foreign visitors to find their way around the Eternal City. 


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