July 16, 2010
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The Magdalene
By Michelle Laque Johnson

St. Mary Magdalene – after the Blessed Mother herself, there is probably no other woman in the Gospels who fascinates us more. But what happened to this woman, whom the Gospels tell us was the first person to have seen Jesus after He rose from the dead?

According to history and tradition, St. Mary Magdalene boarded a vessel with six other saints, including Maximin (one of the 72 disciples), Martha, Lazarus and Sidonius (the man Christ cured of his blindness), and traveled -- either voluntarily or because they were exiled -- to Marseilles.

Did you know that the Magdalene preached in Phocea? Have you been to Provence and never visited what is believed to be her hermit cave in the very high cliffs of St. Baume, a cave that now houses a church in her honor? Did you further know that St. Mary Magdalene is co-patroness, along with the Blessed Mother, of the Dominican order?

You will learn all this, and a lot more, in the extraordinary EWTN original documentary, “The Exile of Mary Magdalene,” filmed on location in France. This exclusive one-hour special airs at 2 a.m. ET and 6 p.m. ET, Thurs., July 22 -- her feast day!

Find out what happened to Mary and her fellow travelers, including Lazarus. Of course, it stands to reason that Jesus profoundly affected the man he raised form the dead.

In this documentary, you’ll discover that Lazarus founded a church which later became known as the Church of St. Victor. In fact, Lazarus is said to have been murdered in the crypt of that church, standing up for his faith in Jesus.

Watch it or record it. Just don’t miss this extraordinary documentary – one day only – on EWTN, your global Catholic network! We love you Family!

We love you Family!

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