Prayers for Jim
prayer for kidney
Healing for Mom's Arthritis
Prayer request
Susan. Everlasting Life.
Please pray for my sister
Prayer for Mother
Prayer for nephew
Prayer for sister
Prayers for David
Urgent Prayers for Ashley
Prayer for mental healing
Son who is getting a divorce
time to go Home
Prayers for son and daughter in law
Healing for Haley
chronic Pain
employment prayer
Successful surgery
Persecuted, and other problems
Prayers for nephews
arguing with husband
Prayers for Joey F.
Please pray for my health
Prayers for a man in his last days dying of liver and lung cancer
Prayers for my brother Matias
Prayers for Robin Williams
Request for prayer
Request for prayer
Prayer Request -- 2nd Job Follow-Up Interview
surgical procedure, surgery & pain in head
Please pray for Hector, for his recovery from Myasthenia Gravis
Prayer for sister and brother-in-law
Prayer Request
Anxiety of secured employment
Prayers for derek
Prayers for Anne
Please pray for repose of Robin's soul
Help us through this storm
...Prayers please
Daughter &Family Relocation
to resolve the stress of job & ability to complete task of the job
Prayers for Jenifer
Prayer for Aimee's healing
Pray for the Conversion of Protestants & all non-believers
End of my rope, need God's direction and answers
prayer for a young man
For relief from unbearable pain
Prayers for Dad
Prayers for Gina
Angel David my dear son
A young girl suffering from Lyme disease
Jack in need of prayers
Prayers for Paige
Prayer to find my future husband
Prayer for a miracle
Prayer for finances so I can get urgent dental procedure
Request for Prayer - Urgent
Prayers for Steven
prayers for dianne
Pray for my crushed spirit
Cataract procedure August 12
College Tuition
Very Important Prayer Request
Jim healing of cancer
Job for our son
letting go and letting God
Cheryl - be hired at Lakeland Regional
Request for Prayer
Bring our family together
Prayer for Husband
Prayers for Aug 8
Prayers for granddaughter.
prayers, please!
Phone Interview on August 8, 2014 at 11:15 (PST)
healing of my heart and tumor
Erik diabetes
Kindly pray for these two lovely persons
Surgery for a child
Starting over...
Help with problems
request for prayer
out of work
Prayer request
Thank you
prayers for alex
Eternal Rest Frederick+
Prayer Request
Prayer for Ernest
Sister with alzheimer's
Prayers for new employment
prayer for patience
family in crisis
Request for Prayer
Wisdom and Discernment, Regarding Trust Situation
Repose for Soul of Celicia S.
Thank you
Repose for Soul of Charlene B
Repose for Soul of Christine Z
Thank you for your prayers
Healing for Husband
That Chiara's toothache will disappear completely
For Kamillah to pass her desired high school's entrance examination
For Shadrach to pass college entrance exams
New Job Success Prayer
Not pregnant
Request for a liver Request for Prayer
daughter in law pregnant
family and home issues
Thanksgiving and prayer for sucessful surgery
Shirley diagnosed with colon cancer
Please pray for S.
Emergency Dental Surgery, Need Money
Save us from destruction- need healing and live in God's will
for cure
Pray for Healing
Taking test
Healing from reoccurring cancer for Mary H and Michelle K, for Clara for improvement in health
Thank God for Peters successful liver cancer surgery and continued prayers
Healing of liver cancer for 15 yr old Emma
Healing of blood for 7 month Patrick
Very Urgent Financial Miracle
Souls in Purgatory
I'm in danger
Prayers for Theresa
Needs of our Facility
pray for deliverance
rest in peace
Please pray for our Teams of Our Lady retreat
Prayers for children
For my marriage
I need to receive a Teaching Job for August
Aliquippa, PA heart surgeries, cancer, return to faith
save my marriage
Marriage and Family
SP and JC
Please watch over my surgery, and protect me from complictions and side effects
Hortencia V
Thank you to all that prayed kor my mother!
...For Ebola Dr.
...Amanda from N.H.
Prayers for 13 year old Tucker
Please Pray for the Healing of My Wife and Myself
Pray for a great favor
An Act of Faith Thanksgiving
prayers for healing of infection
Please my children need prayers!
Prayer for family
Prayer reuqest
please pray
Relationship healing
Repose of Soul
salvation of children
healing of health and finances
Pray for Justice
Continued Prayers Appreciated
Wisdom & Discernment
Prayers for Derek+
Very sick husband
My son Christan
Save Home from Foreclosure
Request for Prayer for my Mother
Prayers for mother and baby
Prayer for Strength and closure
Please pray for me to get a teaching job this August
Please pray for me to get a teaching job this August
Please pray that God will bless me with a Teaching Job this year
New Job
Prayers for Ed
Child custody
depression and anxiety
Prayer Request
Request for Prayer
Request for Prayer
Request for Prayer
Request for Prayer
Dad's birthday
prayer for job
For our daughter's education
son in accident
Healing Needed
Prayers for Natalie and Ashley
Prayers for Increase of Faith
Prayers for Grandson John who needs a job
Request prayers for Joseph M II
Prayer for Gordon C.
Christy E. needs urgent prayers please
Prayers for Jennifer H
Prayers for Hugh
few things
few things
few things
Pray for Sale of Our House
Fighting evil
sleep disorder
Prayers needed for Jacob who will have surgery on his leg, Aug 21, 2014.
stroke victim needs prayer
Urgent Prayers needed for Charlie B.
Prayers for Kathie
Pray for all those in my family who are away from the Church
Prayers requested for Barbara C. and her entire family
Prayers needed for Jim B who is in a nursing home.
Urgent Prayers for Mary Ann C.
Pray for fallen away Celebrities
Prayer for family
Pray for the churches
European Countries - Secularization
The Netherlands
Hip Operation
Husband indictment
matthew 10:26
For protection against evil influences;healing for my family.
Dad's Operation(s) 7/24/14
ms and job
prayer for dying mother
Healing and help we know we need and that we don;t know we need
Heavy struggles with church, career, extended family, enemies
Prayers that my grown children get along with one another go to Church & practice the Faith
Prayer for fiancee
Prayer for Sister
Brothers Birthday
For These Canadian Issues
Stopping Euthanasia
Financial and marital help
Stomach troubles
2 year olds Daughters Health and My Health
Prayers for Jul 23
healing for blood pressure and nerve in leg
immediate help
Birthday Wish
Pray for end of so-called energy healing (aka
mental health
My mother's surgery tomorrow morning
My little boy needs prayers please
request for prayer
my brother fletcher has cancer
Thank you St. Jude
conversion of souls
Thanks to St. Joseph for granting my prayers...and continue to pray
Please +pray 333
Repose of Soul
For my relationship
prayers for my mother
Relocating/starting over as a single Mom
Repose of Soul
Prayers for Mike
Cancer cure
Prayers for Joe P
family salvation and protection
Prayers needed
prayers for Dave
Thanksgiving and healing
Prayers for Ace
Prayers for Mona the Dog
Pro Weightlifting Dream
Life Outlook
Request for Prayer
prayers for prayer conference
Prayers for MH17
Request for Prayer
prayer requests
few things
job boyfriend
Help with Mortgage
Need Weekend ongoing prayers
Child Custody Trial Aug 13th 2014 Ind MO
Please bring healing to our family
Request for Prayer
pray for me and my family regarding church and school
May God bless me in my work
Repose of Soul Audry S.
Prayers needed
Prayers for Deacon Rob
To get employment
Prayers for Joseph
Family Reconciliation
my son and son-in-law
Prayers for guidance
Pray for self and others
Husband having an affair
Prayers for nephews
Prayers for better dreams
Prayers for my baby
Prayers for my cousins
Prayers downstairs neighbors move out
Prayers for employment
Prayers for Theresa
prayers for friend's sister
Pray for Stuart undergoing chemo at Scottsdale's Mayo Clinic for Stage 4 cancer.
Urgent Prayer Request
Total healing of my father Roland
Hernia surgery
ms treatmnt job loss
Sick great grandson
Request for prayers
Safe Trip
Praying For Sell of Car
Pray For Protection Against My Enemies
For A Baby
Prayers for Halen
Mother's health
Request for Prayer
Financial help
Prayers for Phyllis and Connie
Prayers needed urgently!
Mom's healing
Praying for better days.....
Anxiety & Health & Work
Kindly pray for the repose of the soul of my aunt.
prayers for Doctor and Kathy N
prayers for Susan
prayers for Mary
prayers for Paul
Pray for the Repose of the soul of Thuy-Anh
Hurting physically and emotionally
Healing prayer request
blood pressure
Help With My Job, Stress, Loneliness
Request for prayer
Laura & Charles
prayer for light on marriage
healing, financial help
friends relatives boyfriend
prayer requests
few things
mentall illness
for my parents' well being, for my examinations, for my spiritual life, for my family.
Sciatica very painful
Please pray for peace
Terminal Cancer
Prayer Request
complete recovery from coma like state for my 89 year old mother
Sick, worried, and emotionally battered
Prayers for Riley
Prayers for Ron bladder cancer
Prayers for Emily
Prayers for Diane
Prayers for Paul having surgery
Prayers for Peter
Euthanasia in British Columbia
My Mother
Prayers for the F family
holy peaceful
Prayer for Phillip

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