Thanks to St. Joseph for granting my prayers...and continue to pray
Please +pray 333
Repose of Soul
For my relationship
prayers for my mother
Relocating/starting over as a single Mom
Repose of Soul
Prayers for Mike
Cancer cure
Prayers for Joe P
family salvation and protection
Prayers needed
prayers for Dave
Thanksgiving and healing
Prayers for Ace
Prayers for Mona the Dog
Pro Weightlifting Dream
Life Outlook
Request for Prayer
prayers for prayer conference
Prayers for MH17
Request for Prayer
prayer requests
few things
job boyfriend
Help with Mortgage
Need Weekend ongoing prayers
Child Custody Trial Aug 13th 2014 Ind MO
Please bring healing to our family
Request for Prayer
pray for me and my family regarding church and school
May God bless me in my work
Repose of Soul Audry S.
Prayers needed
Prayers for Deacon Rob
To get employment
Prayers for Joseph
Family Reconciliation
my son and son-in-law
Prayers for guidance
Pray for self and others
Husband having an affair
Prayers for nephews
Prayers for better dreams
Prayers for my baby
Prayers for my cousins
Prayers downstairs neighbors move out
Prayers for employment
Prayers for Theresa
prayers for friend's sister
Pray for Stuart undergoing chemo at Scottsdale's Mayo Clinic for Stage 4 cancer.
Urgent Prayer Request
Total healing of my father Roland
Hernia surgery
ms treatmnt job loss
Sick great grandson
Request for prayers
Safe Trip
Praying For Sell of Car
Pray For Protection Against My Enemies
For A Baby
Prayers for Halen
Mother's health
Request for Prayer
Financial help
Prayers for Phyllis and Connie
Prayers needed urgently!
Mom's healing
Praying for better days.....
Anxiety & Health & Work
Kindly pray for the repose of the soul of my aunt.
prayers for Doctor and Kathy N
prayers for Susan
prayers for Mary
prayers for Paul
Pray for the Repose of the soul of Thuy-Anh
Hurting physically and emotionally
Healing prayer request
blood pressure
Help With My Job, Stress, Loneliness
Request for prayer
Laura & Charles
prayer for light on marriage
healing, financial help
friends relatives boyfriend
prayer requests
few things
mentall illness
for my parents' well being, for my examinations, for my spiritual life, for my family.
Sciatica very painful
Please pray for peace
Terminal Cancer
Prayer Request
complete recovery from coma like state for my 89 year old mother
Sick, worried, and emotionally battered
Prayers for Riley
Prayers for Ron bladder cancer
Prayers for Emily
Prayers for Diane
Prayers for Paul having surgery
Prayers for Peter
Euthanasia in British Columbia
My Mother
Prayers for the F family
holy peaceful
Prayer for Phillip
Prayers needed
Prayers needed for the sick an dying
difficulties paying rent
Lung Cancer
Miraculous Intervention
Prayers for our family
Thanksgiving: Safe delivery of baby, Beatrix
Prayer Request
Prayers for my daughter
Get Well prayer Agapito
a dear friend
Prayers my cousins neighbors move out
healing for 14 month child
Manic episode
prayers for my girlfriend
prayer for employment
Prayers for my baby
continuation of help
healing of lower spine
Son and daughter-in-law
Life Outlook
prayers for mandy
Reposition of the Poor Soul
My Sister's Mental Health
Help John go to heaven
Urgent Prayers Needed
Cancer diagonised
Prayers for Petey's Mom
Prayer Request
Safe Trip
Conversion of a Family
Anxiety & Health
Church people hate me
Urgent prayers needed for Dusty
Prayers for Barbara C. who many health issues and pain
Prayers for Mary Ann
Prayers for Theresa
Prayers for Sue with Cancer
Urgent Prayers for Jim
Alcoholism recovery - in icu
please pray for me
complications from Hip Surgery.
Prayer for my mother Louise
For the repose of the soul of my mother, Alyce
My daughter
Nephews and Niece
Prayer for nephew
Please pray for my husband
Prayer Request for Employment
Prayer for self
prayers for daughter
Prayers for Wayne
Request for Prayer
prayres for John
All Intentions
physical healing
Cancer & Myasthenia Gravis
Prayers for Michael
prayers for healing please
Urgent Prayer Request
Please pray for Nancy
Prayer for a traveler
Prayers for Maureen
for my family's conversion
Prayers for employment
my adult son
Request for prayer
Marriage and Healing
Chile & Malta
Prayer Requests
Prayer for my sister who has cancer.
Prayers for St. Francis of Assisi Church
Prayers for students of Ave Maria School of Law
Prayers for Open Hearts and Minds
financial problems
Pray for sons and myself
Thank You!
Prayers downstairs neighbors move out
Prayers for my job
prayers for my pregnancy
prayers for my eyes
Repose of the soul of my mother
Please pray for a healing for John.
People in need that I know
Prayer Request
prayer for employment
Prayer Request for Adult Son
...Prayers for Yumi..
Prayers for AARON
Employment for Son
Our marraige
God's mercy and goodwill in our family
prayer for brother
Healing of Arthritis
prayers for Angela
Prayer for healing
Prayer for a Strained Friendship
Serious Stoke
prayers for Joe
prayers for work
Prayers for 2 neighbors
Fervent prayers
Son's finances
Jon and Gvna
Anxiety Disorder & Health
Pray for help
My Relationship with My Best Friend
Prayer Request
Prayer for nephew
Prayer for safe trip
Prayers for my grandfather Misael
Good Health and Peace of Mind
Prayers for Cameron
..Back again to beg for Jesus blessings(on my marriage)
New Business struggling
Broken Hearted
lost bird
Prayers for Sheila
Prayers for Christina
troubled marriage
Prayer for Salvation of Family of Larry & Diane
Please pray for my Mother
Repose of the soul of Mark
pray for our family
Prayers for Maureen
Prayers for Robert
Emotional and Mental Healing
pray for my family
Prayers needed for my family
Mother has had stroke. Prayers for Rachel.
Prayer request
Pray for calmness and the right words to say when i need it
Son getting Job and Healing Prayers for Husband
safe travel
health, peace and work
Prayer for new Job
Thanksgiving for Prayer Answered
help for family
elderly man has a fall
Gloria Emergency Surgery
Prayer for God's Very Urgent Financial Provision & Peace
Job Interview
Healing for My Wife Dee & Myself
request for prayers
Prayers June 26
Healing for David's eyes
Prayer for healing for Jon
Healing for my mother
in need of serious prayers
Prayers for N and A
Prayers for Stu
Continued Prayers Appreciated
Finances and marriage
prayer for family
Sick Sister
Going Wrong
healing request
Please Pray for My Family, which is dysfunctional
Healing touch
prayers for God's Will for Ava
urgent physical and spiritual needs
Prayer for Husband
Health, healing and soul of Craig M
Healing for Paul
Animal abuse
Please pray for the pope as he confronts Mafia
Prayers for Marge and Jack
Prayers needed for discernment
Prayers for Barbara who has serious health issues.
Prayers for Elizabeth and Son who is 4 yrs old
Prayers for Gina
Prayers for Lee Ann and Helen
Prayer for sister and brother-in-law
Protection of my job
Prayers for my family
Success on qualifying exam
Prayers for Machael
Prayers for Anjalai
Prayers for Shane
Healing / miracles / money / everything
Healing, Peace and Comfort to Bill on the Loss of his wife
Peace and Comfort for the Family and Friends of Christine
please help Max who had a stroke
Prayer for nephew
Miracles now and have them last.
Mary Ann
Lori's surgery
Stop Bullying and Harassment
Young man lost in auto accident
Health for my friends baby
jobs & health insurance
healing of body and mind
Desperate request for prayer
prayers for my pregnancy
Request For Prayer
Mom about to lose custody of her Newborn Baby Girl!
Please Pray for Nancy and Keith
Prayers for Daniella's Family
Prayer request for Jade
Prayers for Brian's Family
Request for Prayer
Healing of My Husband
Help with Mortgage
Repose of Soul
For daughter and son on retreat
my brother Jimmy suffering from esophageal cancer
Prayer for a New Mom
That God blesses me very soon with love
for financial help
Good Cancer Check Up
Safe delivery
Moving back to USA
For a baby
prayers for Edna and Maggie
Prayers for Joshua
request for prayers
Lady friend trapped in a bad relationship
request for prayer
Prayers for Jon
Family needs
pray for employment
Child Custody
Urgent prayers needed for Christopher - overdose
request for prayer
Financial help
Prostate Cancer
Prayers for Son
Husband in surgery
Prayers needed for my intentions, please
For My Mother to Be Cancer free and recover quickly
Cancer Treatment
Prayer of Deliverance for my Mom
Emergency Dental Surgery
Mother's Health
desperate need due to health
Christians and nuns in Iraq
Passing a history course needed to graduate
Prayers for Renewal, Strength, Freedom
2nd chance
prayer request
Healing for Marylou, Lynn, Judy and Nancy
Healing for Peter of tumor in liver
Prayers for the soul of Larry R.
Sons to call home and get along with each other
False Suits and Complaints
Prayers for good intentions
Prayers Needed for Tommy, 4 yrs old
Brother admitted to Philippine Hospital
Prayers for Daughter
My Dad
Death of my nephew
Prayers for FSSP Priests
She really needs prayers
Prayers Please for little Fiona Grace
Husband needs prayer for healing
Career direction needed
Prayer needed to prevent abuse
request for prayer
Ed, rest in peace.
Recovery of grandson Joshua from low heart beat .
Health & Blessing
Losing Faith Dramatically
Murder of Father Walker
prayers for family
total trust in His mercy
Life Direction
Please keep these people in your prayers
freedom of religion
need of miracle
prayers, please...
Prayer for nephew
Prayer for nephew
Health Recovery
Miracles/ blessings / money /healings
Prayers for Pat M.
Prayers for Ashley and Duncan
Request prayers for Joseph M.
Thank you!
Urgent prayers for Kyle S, in critical condition in Hospital
my parish is struggling
son's serious sinus infection
Reunion with husband
Pray for Beth's healing
Prayers for Beth
Urgent prayer for son's conversion
Pray for Kenneth battling with ill health
Amen. Amen. Amen..
Prayer for Aparna's admission
sudden crisis/illness
Prayers for Melissa
healing of acute sinusitis
Daughter needs prayers!
Job Interview
Prayers for Rick
cancer surgery
Please pray for Shelly B.
Successfull surgery
Prayer for Daughter
Politicians of Ontario and Canada
Special Intentions
For the Diocese of London
Pray for Parishes and Priests
God Please Help us Through our Trials
Nick, lung infection
family healing and protection
Prayers for relationship
Cancer surgery
Prayers for Tim
Guidance, health, courage, strength, faith, stability...
Protect my granddaughter
urgent need
Better Relationship between Daughter and Her Son
request for prayer
mean co-worker
prayer request
Insurance emergency
Prayers against Mortal Sin and Dire poverty
My Dad's right eye is giving him pain possibly due to cancer medication
Prayers for Mary
Ochsner Medical Center Baton Rouge
friend Carol F. recovering from acute illness- critical condition
Prayers for Nick
Prayers for Joelle age 11
Good news and thanksgiving.
Unable to Retire
Rose Mary D.
Pray for 2 co-workers
please pray for a better schedule
5 years since I was fired
For David
Stressed and Overwhelmed
Grandsons' Success in Summer School
Prayers for son and his wife (family)
Sale of our House in Hope Hull, AL
Carlie's Healing
Cancer, pray for Jane
pray for our church
Request for prayer
Prayers that my children go back to Church
Peace & Love in family
Spanish Team in the World Cup 2014
Nick in hospital
work and ms and family
Healing prayers for Sandra
Prayer for exam and doctor's appt
Laboring Moms
My Dear Friend, Michelle
Nursing Program
Nursing Program
losing my house
Mom's Health
Friend's Brother Jaime
Request relief of years of torment
Request for Prayer
Prayer for Mother's Surgery
peace of mind and healt
Need Prayers Now!
Repose of the soul of Angela F.
Prayers for Speedy House Sale
Family and Friends
Request for Prayer
Please Pray for Richard
family needs prayers
daughter needs prayers
Mental disorders
Prayers for my grandmother
For the repose of Farida's mother
debilitating assessment
Prayers for my sister
for forgiveness
Prayers for Betty
Healing from stomach cancer
Need prayers for a job
Prayers for Nelly
Rose Mary D.
Stella P.
Stress & Worry
Need prayers rough hours next 3 days....
prayers for Steven
Faith, direction, healing needed for son
Job and Holy Friends needed for daughter
Deliverance from destruction for sons and myself
Prayers for daughter in rough job situation
Prayers for Benny
couple reconciliation
request for prayers
Rose Mary D.
Request for Prayer
Request for Prayer
Special intentions
Request for prayer
prayers for Adam
Blessed Mary, Undoer of Knots, Please Help
prayer request
Pray For Less Government Intervention
Special Graces
Request for Prayer
Request for Prayer
Request for Prayer
Father's health
Prayer for self - Addicted
In thanksgiving
Help with Employment
Request for Prayer
Family prayers
Prayers for Mildred and Joan
Freedom from addiction
SRP prayers
Request for Prayer
for daughter
prayers needed, please...
Prayer for our son Landon.
..Still troubled..
Healing through the Eucharist
heart problems
Prayers for mother of 8
relationships and finances
Young adult daughter suffering through depression and her need to find her way in life
My Mom
prayers for Sheilah for miracle that her biopsy results come back benign
pray for friends mom's back
prayers for healing and protection
For a departed soul
For my mom
For good Catholic friends
For a friend
Truth & Justice prevail
Pray for Brad and Jordan
Living In My Car
few things
prayers for self
Bless their marriages
Thank You Lord
heart problems
Struggle to Live

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