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Question from Teresa on 12-29-2009:


I almost had a car accident!

I was driving in Milwaukee, WI and heard a commerical on 103.7 KISS FM radio station (pop music) that shook me up so much I almost crashed!

"As a Catholic, I have the right and responsibility to use contraception according to my conscience... Good catholics use seat belts and can also use EZ EC, emergency contraception after unprotected sex..."

You get the gist of it. This was sponsored by Catholics for Choice. They mentioned the word "Catholic" about three or four times in the commercial.


Is it true that Catholics may use this emergency contraception??????

Please clarify this more me and all those other Catholics who have been completely baffled by this radio commerical

Answer by Judie Brown on 01-02-2010:

Dear Teresa

Young Catholics for Choice is another offshoot of the pro-abortion Catholic cartel that operates within the Church for the express purpose of creating confusion and suggesting that one need not abide by God's laws but rather pick and choose. As Bishop Listecki said of them:

"While people can call themselves whatever they want, it is my duty as a bishop to state clearly and unequivocally that by professing and disseminating views in grave contradiction to Catholic teaching, members of organizations like 'Young Catholics for Choice' in fact disown their Catholic heritage, tragically distancing themselves from that communion with the Church to which they are called."

Catholics who use contraception are acting against Catholic teaching, and if the Catholic is aware of Church teaching and defies it, he or she is guilty of sin.

Judie Brown