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microsoft and abortion
Question from anon on 11/8/2004:

Dear Fr.Levis,

Software Magnate Donates BILLIONS for Population Control Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft Corp., whose combined wealth is said to exceed $100 Billion, has joined the

Rockefeller Foundation, the World Bank, and the Hewlett Foundation in becoming major international

supporters of population control efforts. Gates, known as the world's richest man, made a $2.2 billion donation

to the William H. Gates Foundation, a member of Partners in Population and Development, which falls within the

scope of the United Nations Population Fund..

EDUCATE BILL GATES: American Life League has launched a new web site designed to reach Microsoft

computer guru Bill Gates and other people of means who are directing billions of dollars to the population control

movement. The simple question is: Do these people really know what they're paying for, as many population

control programs rely on chemical and surgical abortion to achieve their goals.

(Reading: "ALL Launches Campaign to Educate Bill Gates," 9/10/99)

California ProLife - News ... News-- August 25, 2004 Bill Gates contributes to stem cell campaign SAN FRANCISCO - Microsoft Corp ... August 26, 2004 Abortion Advocate Complains ... news/week%202/newsbriefs2.html -

Now first i wan say than Fr. Mark on the canon law forum said that there is no excommunication involved with using microsoft, which is something i wondered.But he didnt answer the following moral questions so i wanted to ask you. I posted to the moral law forum but havent gotten an answer. That said:

I didn't pay for this copy of micrsoft.....someone i know gave it to me as a gift, but i wondered how he got it because he has hooked me up in the past with free software.

But since i've become morally more conscious now i wonder. When he said he gave it to me as a gift, i had

doubts if it was really legal as he said it was. But i decided to take his word for it. Even though i doubted the

legalness of this copy i continued to use it. St Paul said acting in doubt without faith, a person conde,mns himself. (Rom. 14)

That also ties into using microsoft knowing what i know based on the above ...what about my doubts about it? It was months ago that i heard microsoft contributed to abortion. I wasnt sure and put off looking it up because i didnt want to bother with it.

What about all of the work i've done using microsoft even with the above doubts about excommunication and about wondering about the legality of my software? My website... my writings etc?

What about the things like books and such i've bought online knowing what i know about microsoft?

Thank you for any help Fr. God Bless.

Peace in Christ, George

Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 11/10/2004:

Many thanks, George, I doubt highly if any of us who use Microsoft daily know what Gates is doing with his wealth. Your post is excellent. F. Bob Levis


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