Pro-Life Issues
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Matthew Kelly kbon 01-17-2015
Mary's question about January 1st J. C. Taylor 01-17-2015
Holy days of Obligation Du 01-17-2015
Jan 1st. Mary 01-12-2015
Baptism in our Catholic Church Kathleen Seroskie 01-12-2015
Mario Coumo Chris 01-12-2015
Popes view on the family Margaret Perone 01-04-2015
pro-life issues roycee 12-31-2014
Black Lives Matter Elizabeth M. 12-31-2014
Jeb Bush lroy 12-31-2014
teenage contraception Caroline 12-31-2014
teenage contraception Caroline 12-27-2014
fetal transfusion syndrome Ann 12-23-2014

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