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St John the Beloved Apostle SF 08-30-2015
Family article in EWTN News Steven B 08-30-2015
Sad that no answers are given to good questions Anonymous 08-30-2015
Homilies FrankV 08-30-2015
taxes klaus appel 08-23-2015
Using contraceptives JULIANA 08-23-2015
re: Shingles vaccine Bruce 08-23-2015
Homilies lroy 08-23-2015
Shingles Vaccine lroy 08-23-2015
womens health care jERRY S. 08-23-2015
GRAND DAUGHTER eileen 08-23-2015
How does one condone the mouring of an animal vs a human baby? Kathryn 08-14-2015
October synod Nick 08-14-2015
Commitment to fast Joe M 08-14-2015
grand child eileen 08-14-2015
Divorced and re-married Catholics mary 08-14-2015
Shingles Vaccine - confession Anon 08-14-2015
Marrying in a unitarian church Michael 08-12-2015
my church's silence on current social and moral issues roy bonario 08-12-2015
re: Our Lady of America Linda 08-12-2015
Abortion hardens hearts Joe M 08-12-2015
World Over Live Irene Ramirez 08-12-2015
shingle vaccine Rita 08-12-2015
mammogram Joan 08-11-2015
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