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The Holy Spirit at Work in the Church
Host - Fr. Andrew Apostoli
Join Fr. Andrew Apostoli, CFR, for an enlightening study of the hidden workings of the Holy Spirit in the life of the Church. Often called the “forgotten God,” the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity is revealed to be the “Soul of the Church.” Just as the Spirit is the bond of love between the Father and the Son, he shows himself to be the bond of unity between God and the Church, and among all mankind. Anyone striving for holiness will benefit from a closer look at the Sanctifier and Comforter, the Spirit who leads us into the depths of God’s love for us and into the fullness of truth. Anyone desiring deeper intimacy in relationship with Our Lord will find in the Spirit a ready guide. Fr. Apostoli illuminates the many mysterious ways in which the Paraclete promised by Christ leads to purposeful action and more effective ministry, directing the faithful in ways most pleasing to Our Lord.
The Journey Home
Host - Marcus Grodi
Why are so many people, from fallen away Catholics to individuals from other denominations, being drawn home to the Catholic Church? Host Marcus Grodi and his special guests discuss their personal conversion stories.
The Last Things: In Time and Eternity
Host - Colin Donovan and Desmond Birch
The Letters of St. Thérèse
Host - Fr. Jacques Daley
The letters of St. Thérèse reflect her very human struggle to live out the vocation of love to which God called her. With great warmth and sensitivity, host Fr. Jacques Daley delves into these epistles of spiritual direction, spiritual teaching, and spiritual friendship.
The Little Flower
Host - Fr. Jacques Daley
This series hosted by Fr. Jacques Daley, O.S.B. teaches us about one of the most popular saints of the Church, Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, the Little Flower. Saint Thérèse is a beautiful example of how we are all called to be saints.
The Major Religious Orders of Men
Host - Fr. Charles Connor
In the series, The Major Religious Orders of Men, Fr. Charles Connor examines the historical development of the major religious orders of men in the Catholic Church.
The Military Orders and the Crusades
Host - James and Joanna Bogle
The Crusades are often a misrepresented and misunderstood part of the history of the Church. James and Joanna Bogle reveal the compelling truth behind the crusades, investigating their causes and history. They also explain how various military orders were established to protect Christian interests in Europe and the Holy Land from invading Muslims after the first crusade.
The Priesthood of Jesus Christ
Host - Fr. Frederick Miller
Father Frederick Miller discusses the priesthood through the ages- from Old Testament times to the modern day. Father Miller looks at the priesthood as seen in the Bible, early Christian literature, and even the documents of Vatican II. Also included is an examination of the priestly character, the mission of the priest, the priesthood of the faithful, and much more!
The Pure Life
Host - Jason and Crystalina Evert
Jason and Crystalina Evert, known speakers on chastity among the younger set, pull no punches as they call us to be holy as He, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is holy.
In this series, they explore the beauty of the Church’s teachings on sexuality. Along with 10 solid Catholic teens, they take us through difficult, daily situations in a culture that promotes worldly values, influences, and priorities as opposed to a lifestyle of faith, fortitude, and virtue. In their customary direct style of speaking, and through the writings of Pope John Paul II and the example of Our Blessed Mother and the saints, Jason and Crystalina demonstrate that it is not impossible to change anything in the world, or, in ourselves.
The Quest for Shakespeare
Host - Joseph Pearce
A scholarly exploration of the evidence for Shakespeare’s Catholicism hosted by Joseph Pearce and brought to life by professional actors. Shakespeare is arguably the greatest writer whoever lived yet few people know that he was a believing Catholic at a time of intense anti-Catholic persecution. This series follows the Quest for Shakespeare, discovering the evidence for his Catholicism. Once the evidence is discovered and presented, in these thirteen episodes, it will be seen that his Catholicism can be proven beyond all reasonable doubt.
The Rosary in the Holy Land
Host - Fr. Mitch Pacwa
Join Fr. Mitch Pacwa in this Rosary tour of the Holy Land
The Sacraments Through the Ages
Host - Fr. Charles Connor
The Scriptural Rosary
Host -
The Holy Rosary with readings from Sacred Scripture
The Seeds of Abraham
Host - Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J.
The Spiritual Legacy of Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen
Host - Fr. Charles Connor, Ph.D.
Fr. Charles Connor, Ph.D., shares the immense spiritual patrimony bestowed on the Church through the writings of Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. Connor thematically explores the Archbishop’s works on the Eternal Father, the Incarnate Son of God, temptation and sin, the Sacrament of Confession and the nature of conversion, along the way revealing particularly memorable details of Sheen’s life and the discussing the status of Sheen’s cause for canonization. This series constitutes Season One of Two on this topic.
The Ten Commandments of Catholic Family Life
Host - Fr. Wade Menezes, CPM
The purpose of this series is to guide Catholic Christian husbands and fathers, wives and mothers, children and Teens to live a more solidly catholic and virtuous life according to their duties of state as found within the context of the family unit
The Theology of the Body
Host - Fr. Richard Hogan w/ Katrina Zeno
The Theology of the Body for Teens
Host - Jason and Cristalina Evert with Brian Butler
Jason and Crystalina Evert and Brian Butler present John Paul II's compelling vision for love and life. Using a great mix of stories, real-life examples, activities, prayers, and references to the culture that teens understand, each episode of Theology of the Body for Teens answers the questions teens have about their own bodies, issues on sexual morality, and how each of us is uniquely created for greatness.
The Way to Follow Jesus: The Gospel of Mark
Host - Dr. Tim Gray
Dr. Tim Gray is the quintessential college professor: he knows and loves his subject, and is committed to passing on what he has learned to his students. His enthusiasm for the truths contained in the Gospel of Mark is catching, as evidenced by these round-table seminars with college students. This is one course you are guaranteed not to sleep through, and the wisdom gleaned will redound to you eternal credit.
The Word Was Made Flesh
Host - Fr. Andrew Apostoli, CFR
Fr. Andrew Apostoli, CFR, gives an impassioned meditation on the Scriptural work that St. Clement of Alexandria called the "Spiritual Gospel." In The Word Was Made Flesh series, viewers gather the categorical distinction between John's Gospel and the earlier composed Synoptics. According to St. Clement, "Seeing that the other gospel accounts set forth only the material story, John, the last of all, entreated by his familiar friends and divinely upheld by the Spirit, wrote the Spiritual Gospel. No one can fully understand this Gospel until they have leaned upon the heart of Christ like the Beloved Disciple at the Last Supper and stood at the foot of the cross, next to his Blessed Mother!" Hence the privileged position of St. John has yielded an eye-witness account unlike any other. Written after 90 AD, much theological reflection and insight were infused into the soul of the text to produce a timeless classic of divine inspiration.
The World Over
Host - Raymond Arroyo
Raymond Arroyo hosts this news magazine program with newsmakers from around the world.
Theater of the Word
Host - Kevin O’Brien
Let Theater of the Word take you on a journey with Saint Paul, Saint Maria Goretti, Carol Wojtyla, King David, just to name a few, in this original series which features innovative and entertaining plays, both one person and ensemble. A night at the theater has never been so focused on Christ! The Word becomes incarnate through dramatic art.
Threshold of Hope
Host - Fr. Mitch Pacwa
Fr. Mitch Pacwa hosts this new series in which he teaches the core of the Encyclicals of Pope John Paul II. “Pope John Paul II has a vision for the Church and the new millennium that is based on the human as the image and likeness of God…attacking human dignity is attacking God. The Pope is a witness to the hope that comes from God.” said Fr. Pacwa. Be entertained and take a fresh look at humanity with the eyes of the Holy Father and the insight of Fr. Pacwa.
To Tell You the Truth
Host - Fr. Pablo Straub
What are the cultural assumptions that are causing confusion and loss of faith in God today? Host Fr. Pablo Straub examines topics such as relativism, freedom of choice, New Age paganism, and other views that lead people away from Jesus Christ who is the
Today's Homily (Archived Mass readings and homilies)
Host - Various
Homilies from the Morning Mass at the EWTN Chapel in Irondale, AL
Union With God
Host - Fr. Fred Miller
Explore St. Francis de Sales 'Introduction to the Devout Life' with Fr. Frederick Miller.
Vatican Insider
Host - Joan Lewis
Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem
Host - Fr. Mitch Pacwa
The Way of the Cross in Jerusalem
Vocation Boom, Radio
Host - Jerry Usher
Voices of the Saints
Host - Bert Ghezzi and Thom Price
Please join Bert Ghezzi as he shares with us some well known and not so well known tid bits of information about the Saints.
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