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Life Jewels
Host - Dr. John Willke, MD
One Minute Pro-Life Messages
Life on the Rock
Host - Various
Talk over the joys and challenges of being young and Christian in today’s secular world. People of all ages will be encouraged by this lively and live call-in show and the musical guests who offer their talents to praise God.
Host - Various
Various litanies familiar to listeners of EWTN Global Catholic Radio
Living The Scriptures
Host - Mother Angelica
"Be doers of the Word and not hearers only deceiving yourselves." Mother Angelica explains how to fulfill this command of Scripture
Luke: Meek Scribe of Christ
Host - Dr. Timothy O'Donnell
Exegesis of the Gospel of Luke by Dr. Timothy O’Donnell
Marriage Works in Christ
Host - Fr. James Dean w/ Greg and Julie Alexander
Fr. James Dean and co-hosts Greg and Julie Alexander discuss marriage in the modern world, positing that the well-being of Christian people and society is closely linked with the healthy condition of the community produced by marriage and family.
Marriage Works in Christ: Broken and Blessed
Host - Fr. James Dean, Greg and Julie Alexander
Fr. James Dean and Greg and Julie Alexander talk with couples about all aspects of married life. Couples share their struggles as well as the ways they overcame difficulties through prayer, the sacraments and studying and implementing the church teachings.
Host - Father Benedict Groeschel
Meditations on Pentecost
Host - Fr. Andrew Apostoli
Millennium: End or Beginning?
Host - Fr. Alfred McBride
Fr. Alfred McBride explains the true meaning of the millenium in the light of faith and hope in Christ.
Morning Glory
Host - Brian Patrick
“It’s the start of a new day for morning Catholic Radio!” This fast-paced, faith-based morning show with Brian Patrick is packed with, news, sports and interviews filled with the “get-up-and-go” Catholic spirit you need to start your day right! Morning Glory … Catholic from the start!
Mornings with Mother
Host - Mother Angelica
Make a cup of coffee, pull up a chair and listen in as Mother shares with us Church teachings and insights on such varied topics as Sacred Tradition, Euthanasia and Papal Infallibility.
Mother Angelica Live
Host - Mother Angelica
EWTN's flagship "live" series featuring enlightening Bible Study, inspirational guests, call-in questions and a live studio audience.
Mother Angelica Live Classics
Host - Mother Angelica
See the best of Mother Angelica. The entire family will enjoy a solid hour of Mother’s world-famous witty wisdom. From the hilarious to the miraculous to the purely poignant, we have compiled your all-time favorites to inspire, educate, and entertain you all over again.
Mother Teresa
Host - Father Andrew Apostoli
Father Andrew Apostoli hosts this series on the life and work of Mother Teresa
Mountains And Valleys
Host - Fr. Benedict Groeschel
Father Benedict Groeschel teaches this series designed to instill perseverance in living out one's faith and the trials and tribulations of life.
Mysteries of the Rosary
Host - Fr. Jacques Daley
Fr. Jacques Daley spreads devotion to the Rosary by explaining the events surrounding each mystery and how to use these mysteries everyday in your life.
Novena for Priests
Host - Sr. Grace Marie
Old Testament Prophets
Host - Fr. Mitch Pacwa
Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J. brings a scholarly and linguistic approach to the prophets of Israel – those seers and messengers who said that faith in God was a matter of life or death. He places the prophets in their historical context and shows how the Church i
One in Their Hearts
Host - Fr. Bing Arellano
How do husbands and wives, parents and children, become one in their hearts? Through consecration of their hearts to Jesus and Mary. Host Fr. Bing Arrellano instructs viewers on the requirements of consecration and describes its fruit – the sanctification
Open Line, Friday
Host - Colin Donovan
Open Line, Monday
Host - John Martignoni
Open Line, Thursday
Host - Fr. Larry Richards
Open Line, Tuesday
Host - Barbara McGuigan
Open Line, Wednesday
Host - Fr. Mitch Pacwa, SJ
Our Father's Plan
Host - Hahn & Cavins
Want to learn the key to reading the Bible and understanding the big picture of Our Father’s plan for His creation? Hosts Scott Hahn and Jeff Cavins provide an overview of the Bible’s external structure before delving into its rich content. They introduce
Our Lady In Scripture And Tradition
Host - Father Andrew Apostoli
Fr. Andrew Apostoli, C.F.R. reflects on the Marian mysteries, her Divine Son, and the Church and how the three can not be separated. Learn about Marian doctrines through the Bible, the Early Church Fathers, and the great saints’ love for the Mother of God
Padre Pio's Beatification Special
Host - Fr. Andrew Apostoli
Fr. Andrew Apostoli explains the meaning and the process of beatification and, in particular, what the beatification of Padre Pio will signify to the Christian world.
Padre Pio: He Bore Christ’s Wounds
Host - Fr. Andrew Apostoli, CFR
Fr. Andrew Apostoli explores the extraordinary life of a humble Italian Priest who has become one of the most famous stigmatists of recent history. This series shares Padre Pio’s life through his own writings and through the eyes of fellow Priests and contemporaries, from his humble beginnings as a child in Italy, to the documentation of the wounds given by Christ.
Papal Audience
Host - Pope Frances
The Holy Father's weekly Wednesday audience
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