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According to an article on the Catholic League's website CNN founder Ted Turner stunned CNN employees in Washington when he made an anti-Christian remark on Ash Wednesday. Seeing ashes on the forehead of some workers, Turner said, “What are you? A bunch of Jesus freaks? You ought to be working for Fox.”

The Catholic League contacted the Corporate Affairs department of CNN in Atlanta Wednesday for more about this matter. But all they are saying is that they cannot confirm, or deny, the validity of the story. The Catholic League finds this position unpersuasive.

Catholic League president William Donohue issued the following statement:

“Ted Turner is a recidivist. Like all repeat offenders, Turner evinces an animus against a particular portion of the population. For him, it is Christians whom he despises. That is why he is on record for a) branding Christianity a religion ‘for losers’ b) labeling pro-life Christians as ‘Bozos’ c) insulting the pope with one of his cheap jokes at a pro-abortion meeting and d) blasting Christianity for being ‘very intolerant.’ Now he’s back, this time slamming those who wear ashes on Ash Wednesday.

“On February 17, 1999, the Corporate Affairs department of Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., sent me a copy of Ted Turner’s one sentence apology for mocking the pope. The next day I issued a news release saying that ‘Mr. Turner’s apology is accepted and thus it brings closure to this incident.’ But this time Turner can save himself the effort: any apology he might offer will immediately be rejected for its insincerity.

“He may be just as dumb as John Rocker, but unlike the Atlanta pitcher, he occupies a position of significant influence in our culture. That is why we look to his superiors at AOL Time Warner to denounce Turner for his relentless attacks on Christians. Indeed, they might want to take a page from professional baseball and ship Turner off for some sensitivity training.”

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