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Argentine city renames street to honor Pope Francis

The Argentine city of La Plata has renamed one of its main roads "Pope Francis Street" in honor of the new Holy Father.

"It's just incredible," said La Plata mayor Pablo Bruera. "The people of La Plata were very touched, and I think this is a very symbolic location, as this is the city's largest square and the location of the cathedral."

Bruera signed a decree approved by the city council to rename one of the city's most important avenues after Argentine Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio was elected as Pope, taking the name Francis.

On March 26, Archbishop Hector Aguer blessed a plaque that has been placed on the corner of the newly titled street.

The archbishop said he would soon travel to Rome and would share the news with the Holy Father.

"Of course I will see him and tell him, although knowing him as I do, I don't think he'll like it," the archbishop said, alluding to the Pope's renowned humility.

"You all know that the streets here are identified by numbers and very few people remember the names of streets," Archbishop Aguer told reporters. "I think that in his case, the name is so significant and new that it will be remembered right away."

Mayor Bruera said he hopes the homage will "live on in time, beyond partisan politics, and will manifest the pride of the nation to which (Pope Francis) belongs."

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