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Peruvian archbishop prays for cardinals' docility in conclave

Archbishop Jose Antonio Eguren of Piura, Peru, has exhorted the faithful to join in prayer that the cardinal electors in the conclave will be docile to the Holy Spirit as they elect a new Pope.

"The conclave is not a political act based on strategies or human interests, nor is it a struggle for power," the archbishop explained during a Mass for the election of a new Pope a few days before the conclave.

Rather, he explained, "it is an act of faith and love to the One and Triune God and to the Church that is intended to elect a successor to St. Peter and that involves the entire ecclesial community in union with the cardinal electors."

The archbishop also thanked Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI for his pontificate, expressing sadness at the Pontiff's recent resignation due to declining strength.

However, he said, as people of faith, "we are certain that he has acted in conformity with the divine plan, that is, in accord with the will of God, guided by his profound love for the Lord Jesus and the Church, whom he has always served with absolute obedience, loyalty and generous commitment."

Urging his congregation to "not be afraid or fearful," Archbishop Eguren reminded the faithful that "Jesus Christ sustains his Church firmly in his right hand."

"He speaks to her with the penetrating force of a sharpened sword and He shows her the splendor of his divinity," the archbishop said.

Through their prayers, the faithful can be united with the cardinal electors, he said, encouraging them "to fervently and continuously implore the Lord Jesus that they be docile to the action of the Holy Spirit and thus elect the one whom the Lord has already chosen and has present in His heart and mind."

"It is necessary that the entire Church, like the first Christian community spoken about in the Acts of the Apostles, be united during these days around Holy Mary," Archbishop Eguren explained.

United in prayer with our mother, he said, we pray "that we may obtain from the Lord a worthy Father and Pastor, a new Roman Pontiff, as a gift of his kindness and loving providence."

"The task of the cardinal electors is very sensitive," the archbishop continued. "Ultimately the great 'elector' of the conclave is the Holy Spirit."

He added that the cardinals are "called to serve the truth, that truth for which the martyrs have given their lives and the saints have devoted theirs."

"It will be a moment of joyous and grateful faith when we hear the words 'Habemus Papam,'" indicating that "We have a Pope," Archbishop Eguren said, "because where Peter is there is the Church; and where the Church is there is no death, but eternal life."

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