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Council of European Episcopal Conferences' Letter to Pope Benedict

"With our Prayers We Accompany You at this Time of Great Challenges and Change"

ROME, February 12, 2013 (Zenit.org) - Here is the letter to Pope Benedict XVI sent yesterday by the Council of European Episcopal Conferences (CCEE) regarding the Holy Father's resignation.

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To His Holiness

Pope Benedict XVI

Vatican City

Most Holy Father,

Having heard this morning the news of your decision to renounce the role of Supreme

Pontiff, we wish to express, on behalf of the Council of European Episcopal Conferences

(CCEE), our heartfelt thanks to Your Holiness for the faithful and courageous service with

which you have led the Church in recent years. We give thanks to the Lord for your rich

Magisterium, for your messages, the care with which you have always accompanied the

European bishops, and your personal witness of faith and trust in the Lord, in which you

have expressed such great love for the whole of the Church.

At this moment we wish to assure Your Holiness of our spiritual closeness, and assure you

that we continue to serve the Church with the same enthusiasm and faith which you have

shown and taught.

With our prayers we accompany you at this time of great challenges and change, imploring

the divine help of the Holy Spirit for yourself and the Catholic Church.

Péter Cardinal Erd?

Archbishop of Esztergom-Budapest

CCEE President

Angelo Cardinal Bagnasco

Archbishop of Genoa

CCEE Vice-President

Msgr. Józef Michalik

Archbishop of Przemy?l

CCEE Vice-President

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