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Wyoming legislature rejects 'gay marriage' bill

The Wyoming House of Representatives has defeated a proposed bills to recognize "gay marriage" and another to create domestic partnerships for any two adults.

The move came days after the Catholic Bishop of Cheyenne called for "clear teaching, clear minds, and loving hearts" to counter trends to redefine marriage.

"Despite the attempts and even recent successes of legislators to redefine marriage, the fundamental nature of marriage can never be other than what the Creator has established," Bishop Paul D. Etienne said in a Jan. 28 pastoral statement to Wyoming Catholics.

"No matter how some may choose to live and how some may work to change the language around marriage, it will always be in the eyes of God, and therefore in the eyes of believers, a lifelong union of love between one man and one woman."

"This is the one and only communion of love that can and will continue the human family, the one family of God," he said.

The Wyoming State House Corporations, Elections and Political Subdivisions Committee on Jan. 28 voted 5-4 to kill the "gay marriage" bill sponsored by Rep. Cathy Connolly, a Democrat from Laramie and the state's only openly gay elected official. The bill's supporters included three Republicans.

The committee voted 7-2 to send the domestic partnerships bill to the House floor, where it was defeated 34-25. That bill would allow any two adults, including siblings who own a house together, to contract a domestic partnership. These partnerships give some rights spouses have, including the right to inherit property, the right to make medical decisions for a partner, and the right to make funeral arrangements, the Casper Star-Tribune reports.

Bishop Etienne said that those who have same-sex attractions are "children of God" and "our brothers and sisters" who must be loved.

"The Church, as many families today, knows what it is to love these individuals while at the same time not accepting or condoning any form of homosexual activity," he said.

The bishop explained that God's law forbids things not "because He wants to take away our freedom" but because "He wants to give us true freedom."

"God's laws forbid certain things because they ultimately damage the individual and society," he said.

Revised figures from the U.S. Census bureau found under 650,000 same-sex couple households in the U.S., an estimate the bureau said is likely higher than the actual number of couples.

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