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International Catholic charity doubled emergency aid in 2012

Aid to the Church in Need in the past year has doubled its emergency aid in regions troubled by war and humanitarian crisis to over $665,000.

The Germany-based international Catholic charity primarily focuses on pastoral care and education, but it also gives aid directly to those in need regardless of religion.

Its giving in 2012 reflected the rise of several new conflicts and the persistence of problems from previous years. The charity said that the agency has intensified its work in Syria and in neighboring countries in light of the continuing conflict between the Syrian government and Syrian rebels. Since the uprising against President Bashar Assad began in March 2011, over 60,000 have died and hundreds of thousands have become displaced within Syria or have become refugees in other countries.

Many Christians in the region fear Syria will become another Iraq, where security problems have led to terrorist attacks and kidnappings that target Christians.

Aid to the Church in Need has also supported refugees who had fled to Syria from Iraq in search of security, only to find themselves in even greater hardship. Many of these refugees have again fled, this time to Lebanon, where they have received help from the Good Shepherd Sisters.

The charity also supported refugees from the predominantly Muslim Sudan after the South Sudan, whose residents are primarily Christians or followers of native religions, became independent. Thousands of Christians have moved to South Sudan.

The border region of the two countries witnessed repeated violence in 2012.

Aid to the Church in Need's other humanitarian aid has helped thousands of refugees and homeless people in the Democratic Republic of Congo's eastern Kivu Region.

The charity helps people in need through 5,000 projects in over 145 countries.

Aid to the Church in Need's website is www.churchinneed.org.

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