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Young pro-life group stresses humanity of unborn

Helping people recognize the humanity of each unborn child is necessary in showing the gravity of abortion and building a culture that respects the dignity of life, said pro-life advocate Lila Rose.

"We've lost over 55 million children in the last 40 years to the great violence of abortion, and words cannot describe the immensity of that loss," said Rose, president and founder of the advocacy group Live Action. "We're all missing someone, whether we like it or not," Rose explained in a Jan. 23 interview with EWTN News. "Maybe it's a relative from the extended family, or a friend we never had, someone we would have worked with, someone we would have married."

Rose founded Live Action as a teenager in California, and the group has expanded to become a national organization that focuses on exposing the abuses and lies of the abortion industry.

Reflecting on 40 years since the 1973 ruling that declared a constitutional "right" to abortion, Rose called for both "a time of great mourning" over the millions of lives lost and "a time of great resolve" to prevent more lives from being taken.

Live Action will take place in the annual March for Life on Jan. 25. Held each year in Washington, D.C. to commemorate the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that made abortion legal nationwide, the march is expected to draw hundreds of thousands of participants, primarily young people.

In addition to participating in the march, Live Action will help visually highlight the humanity of unborn children by showing their potential to accomplish great things.

Members of the group will hold signs displaying sonogram images and phrases such as "Future Doctor," "Future Parent" and "Future Student." The signs are intended to emphasize the fact that each life taken in abortion is a human being with the ability to grow up and live a normal life, as well as to remind people that each person alive today started out as an unborn baby in the womb.

Showing the humanity of the unborn child is a critical means of helping people realize the truth about abortion, Rose explained.

"The polling indicates that more and more Americans consider themselves pro-life," she stressed. "With the rise of ultrasound and sonogram imagery, you see a window into the womb. We know this is a human being: you see the humanity in the child."

Live Action will also be handing out the latest issue of its publication, "The Advocate," at the March for Life.

The magazine contains current news on pro-life topics such as sex-selection abortion and fetal development. It also explores pro-life stances portrayed in popular movies and songs, as well as famous individuals who were adopted and information on the history of abortion.

In addition, Live Action has asked its 400,000 Facebook followers to post sonogram images on their social media profiles for the week leading up the March for Life in order to witness to the truth of the unborn child's humanity, even if they are unable to attend the march.

Despite the tragedy of abortion in the U.S., Rose said that she is very hopeful about "the future of the pro-life movement" beyond the March for Life.

"It's a young movement," she said. "It's a growing movement."

The 24-year-old pro-life advocate said it is "amazing and beautiful" to see the enthusiasm for life "coming out from all over the country, all over the world."

Media and culture also have a role to play, she continued. The rise of new media is allowing more people to see the truth, she explained, while "in popular culture, you're seeing more and more musicians like Mumford & Sons singing about the agony of an abortion choice, or Justin Bieber talking about the unborn and praying for the unborn."

"It's written in the human heart that this is a child and that children should be respected and protected," she said.

Rose believes that the movement to protect life is making progress and will continue to do so. By building on the current pro-life momentum, remaining committed to the cause and passionately reaching out to others with the truth, she explained, "we are changing the country."

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