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International pro-life group surveys countries under greatest threat

Human Life International, the world's largest international pro-life organization, is shining the spotlight on how family-oriented countries like Hungary, Poland and the Philippines are being targeted for their beliefs and pro-life culture.

"There's such a focus on Poland because of its pro-life stance and because they're not afraid to bolster up and say 'no, we're not doing this,' according to Human Life International's president, Father Shenan Boquet.

Poland virtually eliminated abortion with a 1993 law.

"The U.N. and population control groups use the term 'sustainable development,' because they believe that there are too many people in the world," he said.

Fr. Boquet explained the mentality of groups that take issue with pro-family countries as having a "perception that you must lessen the number of children and introduce contraception, sterilization and legalized abortion, which they call 'sexual reproductive health' rights, in order for you to be happy and find stability."

"But we know that this is a lie, and that the greatest resource is really found in the human person," he stated.

He noted that the Philippines "is being attacked with a reproductive health bill" and that it has a strong pro-family culture. Fr. Boquet reported that Filipino president Benigno Aquino, under pressure from population control advocates, is pushing very hard for the passage of a "reproductive health" bill.

"But with the help of pro-life legislators and leaders as well as bishops, the laity and many other people, we've been able to hold it down," the priest said.

Human Life International is a pro-life educational apostolate that has affiliates around the world promoting the teachings of the Church on family, life and faith.

It uses donations from its supporters to help people worldwide who want to hold rallies, print material and publications to confront issues that place life in jeopardy.

They also hold regular talks around the world to raise awareness.

"Hungary's constitution became pro-life a year ago, so we're trying to find ways to be a part of the conversation there, too," he added.

Hungary implemented the "Easter Constitution" in 2011, which lays the groundwork for the possible elimination of legal abortion and other assaults on life and the family. But pressure is increasing on the country to get in line with the rest of the EU and abandon its Christian identity and morality.

According to Fr. Boquet, Latin America and Africa also top the list of places where family life is being most threatened. "The large families, which Africans are having, are a blessing and a beautiful gift," he said, "but we need to find ways to assist them in raising their families, providing resources to help sustain them, not lower their numbers.

Human Life International's director in Tanzania, Emil Hagamu, is fighting against the "safe motherhood" bill, alongside the director for the country's French-speaking area, George Wirnkar.

In Latin America, the country most assailed by population control groups is Uruguay.

"If we look at Uruguay, we see they recently turned from a very strong protection of life to where exceptions are now being introduced, which we know will just increase," Fr. Boquet said.

He said that the most important thing his organization is doing now is exposing the difficulties that confront family life today.

"The issues that we see are causing great harm to the family include contraception, sterilization, abortion, euthanasia, (and) homosexuality," he remarked.

The pro-life group's president called on Catholics to be "extremely articulate, aggressive and courageous" in raising and challenging these issues.

He also called on universities, colleges and high schools to bolster premarital family programs like Natural Family Planning, saying "we can't afford to lose another generation."

According to the priest, "there's nothing more powerful than a young person witnessing their faith with their youth, zeal, and courage."

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