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Over 100,000 signatures collected to repeal abortion in Spain

Pro-life groups collected more than 100,000 signatures across Spain in support of a petition which calls on the government to repeal the country's abortion law.

The Zero Abortions petition, sponsored by the organization Right to Life, garnered support nationwide despite aggressive protests from abortion rights advocates in some cities.

Volunteers worked from Nov. 17-18 to collect a total of 103,264 signatures, which will be added to the 150,000 signatures that were delivered to the Ministry of Justice in October.

Organizers hope to reach a goal of one million supporters.

The participants, who set up 104 different stations in Spanish cities, said their campaign was carried out with no disturbances except in a few locations, where abortion rights activists attacked the volunteers.

In Madrid, an elderly woman helping to collect signatures was harassed by a group of people who grabbed the signature forms she was holding and tore them up.

Abortion supporters also harassed volunteers in the city of Valencia, where they tore down posters announcing the signature drive and called local police to complain of "excess noise." Police officers who came to the site verified that the pro-life volunteers had the necessary permits and then left.

Right to Life organizers said the signature drive would continue throughout the process of proposing changes to Spain's abortion law. The campaign was also used to help convene the pro-life marches held in 100 cities across Spain on Oct. 7.

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