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Disabled Nevada woman will not be forced to abort

A judge in Reno, Nev. announced Nov. 14 that a 32-year-old mentally disabled woman will not be forced to have an abortion.

"Abortion is off the table and what they're doing now is coming up with a treatment plan for going forward with the young woman. So we're all very gratified and happy that that possibility is not at issue anymore," attorney Kim Guinasso told EWTN News on Nov. 14.

Guinasso Law is representing the family of the woman, and is donating their time to the case.

"The Court intends to vacate all the hearings after the parties have prepared a 'care plan'" for the woman, attorney Jason D. Guinasso said Nov. 14.

"It is truly a miracle how God was able to change the hearts and minds of the Judge and all the adversaries he appointed to argue against allowing (the woman) to carry her pregnancy to term," he added.

The parents of the woman have served as her guardians since she turned 18. A psychological evaluation at that time showed she has the relative mental capacity of a six-year-old child.

It's not clear how the young woman became pregnant, but she has been known to leave the group home where she lives and visit a near-by truck stop to gamble and have encounters with men.

Her parents, who are devout Christians, intend to assist their daughter in carrying the pregnancy to term. Her mother is Catholic and her father is an Anglo-Catholic priest joining the Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter. They have testified in court that part of what informs their decision making is their Catholic faith.

Judge Egan Walker of Washoe County became involved in the case when the woman's neurologist contacted the county's social services department about the case. Walker then proceeded to arrange weekly hearings about the woman's health, and to determine if she should have an abortion.

The guardians requested that the woman be allowed to move in with them since the group home is close to the truck stops which she frequents.

Walker denied that request at first, but it may be reconsidered in the future.

At the Nov. 14 hearing, testimony was also scheduled to be taken from a supervisor at the group home, and a couple who are potential adoptive parents to the woman's unborn child.

Now that Walker has decided abortion is no longer being considered, Kim Guinasso said "there will be one final proceeding where the court will hear the decision of the authorities and the guardians going forward, with regard to plans for placement and treatment and so forth, through the pregnancy and beyond."

Kim Guinasso said this is the best possible outcome, "absolutely." "We're overjoyed, honestly, delighted, and very grateful."

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