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Priest says Catholic law school's IVF stance contrary to Jesuit values

The director of press office for the Society of Jesus in Rome, Father Giuseppe Bellucci, says the Calif.-based Loyola Law School's stance in favor of in vitro fertilization is at odds with the Jesuit order.

In an Oct. 1 interview with EWTN News, the priest said the order's position on in-vitro fertilization is that of "the teaching of the Church, so therefore we don't have a different policy."

Fr. Giuseppe made his remarks in the wake of a recent announcement of a group of law students at Loyola in support of the legalization of in vitro fertilization in Costa Rica.

The students have filed an amicus brief with the Inter-American Human Rights Court, which is expected to rule soon on Costa Rica's ban against the practice.

Fr. Bellucci said the Jesuit order practically "doesn't exist" in Costa Rica. "There may be one or two priests who work here or there, but we are not present in Costa Rica," he said.

The Society of Jesus does not get involved "in government policies," he noted, and while the law school could "defend in vitro fertilization in some cases, that is not the position of the Society of Jesus."

"Just because an institution of the Society supports certain things doesn't mean that is the position of the Society, especially because often the superior generals will intervene to say, 'No,' this is not our stance. The fact that they support it at Loyola is not a dogma of the faith," the priest said.

He added that it is up to the Jesuit provincial in California to intervene in this case, and that if it is not resolved, it would be referred to the superior general, Father Adolfo Nicolas. "That is how we operate. The principle of subsidiarity is absolute and across the board."

"Normally, if a priest or an institution goes against the official principles of the doctrine of Catholic ethics, the local provincial intervenes to file a complaint," he added.

"As of yet, Rome has not received any news that an action of this sort has been taken, and therefore the Superior General does not have an official position."

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