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Activist calls trial of Cuban dissident's alleged killer a 'farce'

The spokesman for the Christian Liberation Movement, Carlos Paya, denounced the trial of a man accused of causing the "accident" which took the lives of dissidents Oswaldo Paya and Harold Cepero.

Oswaldo Paya's family has rejected the Cuban government's version of how the dissident leader died and continues to maintain that his death may have been intentional.

Paya and Cepero were killed on July 22 while traveling by car to eastern Cuba.

The secrecy of the Castro government surround the details of the crash have led dissidents as well as other leaders such as former Polish president Lech Walesa to call for an international investigation.

In an Oct. 5 interview, Carlos Paya, who lives in Spain, said the trial of Angel Carromero which began in Havana on Friday is as "farce," as the Cuban government has not allowed any of Oswaldo's three children or any member of the movement to be present in court.

"His children are outside the doors but are not allowed to enter," he said. Oswaldo's daughter, Rosa Maria, also condemned the trial via Twitter: "I am with my brothers 100 meters from the court, surrounded by 30 security agents who won't let us move."

The trial is only open to government spokesmen, Carromero and his lawyer, and Spain's consul in Cuba, Tomas Rodriguez Pantoja.

Carlos Paya said international reporters are allowed to follow the trial "via closed circuit television in an adjacent room, but they are not allowed to use recorders, telephones or computers."

Rosa Maria told reporters recently her family did not expect anything to come of the trial, as she claims the government is intent on pushing its own version of the traffic "accident."

She said the family has evidence that the car in which her father and Harold Cepero were riding was forced off of the highway by a red vehicle, adding that they "have no reason to believe Angel is to blame at all."

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