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Peruvian doctor defends legality of abortions at his clinic

Peruvian doctor Carlos Morin took the stand to defend his private health care clinics in a courtroom in Barcelona, where he is being tried for performing more than 100 illegal abortions in Spain in 2007.

During his Sept. 18 trial, Morin refused to answer questions from prosecutors and only responded to questions from his own attorney, rejecting claims that he committed criminal abortions.

"All of them were done legally," he told reporters outside the court.

Morin said he never falsified the records of his patients and that his clinic staff included a team of independent psychologists that evaluated the suitability of each case.

In response to a question about how much he charged patients for an abortion, he said prices ranged from 2,000 to 2,200 Euros depending on how long the woman had been pregnant.

Morin said the disposal found at his clinics was not used to get rid of human fetuses, but instead was used to destroy chickens after an agreement with two universities in Spain.

"There is a big difference between veterinary and human remains," he told reporters.

Morin's wife, Maria Luisa Duran, also refused to answer questions from prosecutors and instead only answered questions for her husband's attorney.

She said she only worked as a nurse in the clinics and helped patients with their paperwork, without trying to influence them to obtain abortions. She said patients were asked to pay in cash because of the "sensitive" nature of the procedure.

The statements by Morin and his wife were in contrast with the accusations that 96 percent of the abortions they performed were for reasons of "psychological health of the mother," even though patients were not seen by psychologists and were asked to sign false documents that stated they were not more than 22 weeks pregnant - the legal limit in Spain at the time.

Prosecutors want 300 years for Morin for crimes of abortion, illicit association and falsifying documents, and 200 years for his wife.

Although the judge in the case has said a hidden camera expose aired on Danish television about Morin and his clinics cannot be used as evidence in the case, he did not agree with the defense that the television program was grounds for dismissal.

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