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Colombia official complies with court order but reaffirms pro-life stance

Colombia's Attorney General, Alejandro Ordonez, has complied with an order by the country's Constitutional Court to modify past statements on abortion.

However, at the same time, he took the occasion to reaffirm his pro-life stance from conception to natural death.

In a press conference on Sept. 19, Ordonez said he has given specific instructions that a statement in compliance with the order be published.

Last week, the court ordered the Attorney General to publicly retract the six statements he made between November of 2009 and March of 2011 against the morning-after pill and the court's decision to legalize abortion in 2006 in three cases. Ordonez was notified of the order at noon on Monday and had 48 hours from then to comply with the court.

But in addition to voicing respect for the Constitutional Court during the press conference, he announced that a petition to overturn the court's ruling on abortion would be filed on Sept. 20, arguing that the decision contains "grave deficiencies."

Reporters and others in attendance at the press conference broke into applause at the news.

Abortion in cases of rape, fetal deformation and life of the mother was legalized in Colombia by the Constitutional Court in 2006. Since then local abortion activist Monica Roa has led a campaign to support the ruling and to promote abortion as a right.

The ruling came despite opposition to abortion by 80 percent of Colombians. Roa has also led an effort to oppose a second term for Attorney General Ordonez because of his pro-life stance.

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