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Australian Christian leaders urge government to protect marriage

Cardinal George Pell of Sydney and other Christian leaders of Australia have called on Parliament to protect marriage as a union of a man and a woman.

"As Christian leaders representing different denominations or churches, we join together and affirm our shared commitment to promote and protect marriage," the statement said.

"We honor the unique love between husbands and wives; the vital place of fathers and mothers in the life of children; and the corresponding ideal for all children to know the love and role modeling of a father and mother."

The statement said marriage is the "natural basis of the family" and its preservation as a unique institution "serves the common good, particularly the good of children."

Cardinal Pell and nineteen other denominational leaders from Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox backgrounds signed the statement, as did over 260 more Christian pastors and leaders, the International News Magazine reports.

Some parliamentarians are pushing for the redefinition of the law to recognize "gay marriage." Others are advocating civil unions because there is not enough support to for the full redefinition of marriage, the Canberra Times reports.

The religious leaders' statement asked Parliament to protect marriage in Australia law and not change its meaning "by adding to it different kinds of relationships."

A similar push to redefine marriage in New Zealand has passed the first of three required parliamentary readings.

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