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1.  ISGODAGI -- 4/1/1996 -- VIEW
Raymond L. Cox - Is God Against Christmas

If you listen to certain partisans you might adopt that idea! With the annual approach of this holiday, writers burst into print, radio preachers harangue and pulpiteers propagandize against observance of Christmas. 'Christmas is a pagan holiday!' thunder some. 'Christians shouldn't celebrate Christmas!' warn others. 'God's against Christmas!' [ANSWERS Code=EE]

2.  MS122496 -- 1/2/1997 -- VIEW
Archbishop Michel Sabbah - Christmas Statement by Jerusalem Patriarch

This statement appeared in Catholic World News December 24, 1996. [BISHOPS Code=EE]

3.  DEACYEST -- 4/1/1996 -- VIEW
Duane L.C.M. Galles - Deacons Yesterday and Today

An excellent article about deacons. Discusses the history of the diaconate and the restored diaconate. Taken from the Christmas, 1995 issue of 'Christifidelis'. [CANONLAW Code=EE]

4.  NATIVITY -- 12/23/1996 --  VIEW   FTP
Rev. Alban Butler - The Nativity of Christ, or Christmas Day

December 25 -- The birthday of Our Lord Jesus Christ according to the flesh. [CHRIST Code=EE]

5.  SIPCRADL -- 12/15/1998 1:52:07 PM -- VIEW
Caryll Houselander - Wood of the Cradle, Wood of the Cross

This reflection on the Infant of Bethlehem is taken from Caryll Houselander's book Wood of the Cradle, Wood of the Cross. ADVENT CHRISTMAS NATIVITY MANGER CRECHE JESUS CHRIST CHILD [CHRIST Code=EE]

6.  JUBCAL -- 6/8/1998 10:39:59 AM -- VIEW
From the Jubilee Commission - Jubilee Year 2000 Calendar

A Calendar of the Jubilee events in Rome from the Opening of the Great Jubilee 2000 on Christmas Eve 1999 to its closing on the Epiphany of 2001. Based on information provided by the Holy See. 2000 JUBILEE ROME [CURIA Code=EE]

7.  12DAYXMA -- 4/1/1996 --  VIEW   FTP
Elsa Chaney - The Twelve Days of Christmas

Printed in 1955 by Liturgical Press, this book gives ideas for the celebrations of Christmastide in the home, the parish, school and apostolic groups. The first part covers the last day of Advent with the O Antiphons, a Christmas novena, preparing the gifts, decorations, crib, and cookery. The rest covers Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, from Christmas to Epiphany and Epiphany. Even includes a Christmas play. TREE WREATH SUPPER PRAYERS SONGS CHRIST-CANDLE MA [FAMILY Code=EE]

8.  ADVCUST -- 4/1/1996 --  VIEW   FTP
Helen McLoughlin - Family Advent Customs

Published by Liturgical Press in 1954. A presentation of practical suggestions for sanctifying the Advent-Christmas season in the family. Invites full family participation. Contains instructions for the Advent Wreath, manger, Mary's candle, and the Jesse Tree. Also contains Advent hymns and symbols, O-antiphons, prayers, Blessing of the Christmas tree and numerous other ideas for putting Christ back into Christmas. GIFTS ST. NICHOLAS SANTA CLAUS ST. LUCY D [FAMILY Code=EE]

9.  ADVENT -- 4/1/1996 --  VIEW
Women for Faith and Family - Celebrating Advent & Christmas: A Sourcebook


10.  ADVTOWER -- 4/1/1996 --  VIEW
Elsa Chaney - The Advent Tower, the O Antiphons

Explanation of the Advent Tower and the 'O' Antiphons. Part of 'The Twelve Days of Christmas Kit.' ADVENT O ANTIPHONS TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS [FAMILY Code=EE]

11.  BLESCRIB -- 4/1/1996 --  VIEW
Conception Abbey - Blessing of a Christmas Crib for the Home

Includes the Magnificat, and two readings. BLESSING CHRISTMAS CRIB [FAMILY Code=EE]

12.  BLESTREE -- 4/1/1996 --  VIEW
Conception Abbey - Blessing of a Christmas Tree for the Home

Includes a psalm, and two readings. BLESSING CHRISTMAS TREE [FAMILY Code=EE]

13.  BREATHHV -- 4/1/1996 --  VIEW
Elizabeth Foss - A Breath of Heaven at Christmas Time

Foss encourages us to put the hustle and bustle of Christmas aside to spend time in quietly preparing for Christmas. This article appeared in the December 8, 1994 issue of 'The Arlington Catholic Herald.' FOSS CHRISTMAS PREPARATION [FAMILY Code=EE]

14.  candle -- 4/1/1996 --  VIEW   FTP
P. Stewart Craig - A Candle Is Lighted

Published in 1945 by The Grail. This booklet shows how the feasts of the Church were once celebrated, how they could be revived, adapted, selected and how new methods of celebration can be created for the family. ADVENT CHRISTMAS LENT EASTER WHITSUN CUSTOM MARY SUNDAY PENTECOST SAINT FEAST CHRIST MARY SEPTUAGESIMA SEASON CHILDREN [FAMILY Code=EE]

15.  CMASCAND -- 4/1/1996 --  VIEW   FTP
Helen McLoughlin - Christmas to Candlemas in a Catholic Home

Published by Liturgical Press. In this sequel to 'Family Advent Customs,' the author outlines ways and means by which the 40 days of the Christmas season may be observed in a truly Catholic manner. Prayers, songs, recipes, observances for the many feast days from December 25 to February 2--all in the holy, happy spirit of hearts filled with Christmas grace. CHRISTMAS EVE CHRIST-CANDLE CAROLS RECIPES ST. STEPHEN ST. JOHN HOLY INNOCENTS NE [FAMILY Code=EE]

16.  CMASMEAL -- 4/1/1996 --  VIEW
Elsa Chaney - Meal Prayers for the Christmas Season

Includes before and after Breakfast and before and after Dinner. Part of 'The Twelve Days of Christmas Kit.' CHRISTMAS PRAYERS BREAKFAST DINNER [FAMILY Code=EE]

17.  CMSCRB -- 4/1/1996 --  VIEW   FTP
Nesta De Robeck - The Christmas Crib

Published in 1956 by Bruce Publishing Company. A little sightseeing journey to find out what Cribs have looked like in different countries and centuries, and what motivated the art of the cribs. ITALY GERMANY ENGLAND SPAIN PORTUGAL NEAPOLITAN ROME SICILY NATIVITY [FAMILY Code=EE]

18.  FAMILY -- 4/1/1996 --  VIEW   FTP
Fr. Francis Filas - The Family for Families

Published by the Bruce Publishing Company in 1947. Reflections on the Life of Jesus, Mary and Joseph This book tells the story of the Holy Family especially written to show how modern families can imitate the Holy Family. Covers the setting in Palestine, the Christmas story, the flight into Egypt, the loss in the temple, the hidden life at Nazareth and the separation when St. Joseph died. Includes prayers and practices that are highly recommended for use [FAMILY Code=EE]

19.  FSTDAY -- 4/1/1996 --  VIEW   FTP
Burton & Ripperger - Feast Day Cookbook

Published in 1951 by David McKay Company, Inc. Two well-known writers, Katherine Burton and Helmut Ripperger join forces to describe the special and traditional feast day dishes of many lands. We learn the forgotten origin of many well-known dishes, and the hostess is provided with numerous recipes as well as a 'conversation piece' for special occasions. FEAST ADVENT CHRISTMAS LENT EASTER PENTECOST SAINT RECIPE CHRIST MARY COOKBOOK BURTON [FAMILY Code=EE]

20.  TRUEXMAS -- 4/1/1996 --  VIEW   FTP
Rev. E.J. Sutfin - True Christmas Spirit

Published by Grail Publications in 1955. This book's main purpose is to develop the fundamental dogmatic background of the Christmas Liturgy, and then to suggest ideas of every sort by which the spirit of the Church may be brought to children. 'The Church always finds old and new treasures of grace in her storehouse of scripture and tradition. We must take every means of helping our children to find them.' ADVENT ST. NICHOLAS IMMACULATE CONCEPTION ST. LUCY [FAMILY Code=EE]

21.  YRGRACE -- 4/1/1996 --  VIEW   FTP
Therese Mueller - Our Children's Year of Grace

Published in 1955 by the Pio Decimo Press. Considerations for use in the home-school by parents who wish to teach their children to live throughout the year with Christ and his Church. The purpose of this booklet 'is to pave the way for a closer, holier and more vital union of the Home with Christ and His Church.' SEASON ADVENT CHRISTMAS LENT PASCHAL EASTER PENTECOST FAMILY [FAMILY Code=EE]

22.  FORTCMAS -- 12/23/1996 --  VIEW
Gertrude von le Fort - Christmas

Little child out of Eternity, now will I sing to thy mother! The song shall be fair as dawn-tinted snow. [HOMELIBR Code=EE]

23.  TWELVDAY -- 12/11/1996 --  VIEW
Fr. Hal Stockert - Origin of 'The Twelve Days of Christmas'

"The Twelve Days of Christmas" was written in England as one of the "catechism songs" to help young Catholics learn the tenets of their faith - a memory aid, when to be caught with anything in *writing* indicating adherence to the Catholic faith. This file contains an explanation of the song. [HOMELIBR Code=EE]

24.  CHRSPLAY -- 4/1/1996 -- VIEW
A Catholic Youth Group - Starship Emmanuel

This is a play our youth group wrote and performed for Christmas. The daughter of the captain of the Starship Emmanuel learns the true meaning of Christmas. Her journey takes her by way of the North Pole to a stable. She brings someone else along on her journey to conversion. [HOMESCHL Code=EE]

25.  CRUSADE -- 4/1/1996 -- VIEW
Various Catholic Parents - Teaching the Faith Effectively

This file is loaded with valuable points for parents trying maintain a truly Catholic home. Some of the topics covered include: Raising a Catholic family in a secular world, Christmas traditions, devotion to the Sacred Heart, Teaching devotions in the family, Teaching the love of Jesus Christ, The home is the first school - the first church, Teaching the Faith with authority Teaching Marian Devotion and the Rosary, Eucharist: the healing reality Passing on the Fa [HOMESCHL Code=EE]

26.  SUCHEP -- 1/7/1997 -- VIEW
Sigrid Undset - Christmas and Epiphany

Christmas was the greatest event in the life of Our Lady; it is the reason why she has been honored and will be honored by countless generations until the end of time. The well-known Norwegian novelist (1882-1949) touches upon some of the aspects of this profound theme in this selection. [MARY Code=EE]

27.  HANDBOOK -- 9/4/1998 2:32:48 PM -- VIEW  FTP
Montfort Fathers - Jesus Living in Mary: Handbook of the Spirituality of St. Louis de Montfort

This file is indexed and hyperlinked to the articles contained in "Jesus Living in Mary: Handbook of the Spirituality of St. Louis de Montfort. The articles in the "Handbook" are as follows: Acknowledgements, Preface/Forward, Adoration, Angels/Demons, Apostles, Associations, Baptism, Beatitudes, Beauty, Bible, Brothers of St. Gabriel, Canonization, Charisms, Childhood, Church, Company of Mary, Consecration, Covenant, Creation, Cross, Daughters, Discernment, Disciple, Ecumenism, Education, Endtime, Eucharist, Faith, Family, Fidelity, Freedom, French School, Friend, God, Holy Spirit, Hymns, Iconography, Incarnation, Inculturation, Jesus, Last Things, Legion of Mary, Love of Wisdom, Liturgy, Love, Magnificat, Man, Marie Louise, Mary, Milieu, Mission, Model, Montfort, Montfort Spirituality, Mortification, Mystic, Noels/Christmas, Oxford Movement, Path of Perfection, Peace, Penance, Pilgrim, Popes, Poverty, Prayer, Priest, Providence, Psalms, Reign, Reparation, Retreats, Rosary, Saint, Salvation, Secret of Mary, Sacred Heart, Sick, Silence, Sin, Slavery, True Devotion, Tenderness, Trinity, Triptych, Virtues, Wisdom, Zeal. [Montfort Code=EE]

28.  JP2CHR94 -- 4/1/1996 -- VIEW
Pope John Paul II - Christmas Message

Pope John Paul II Christmas message 'urbi et orbi' December 25, 1994. Pope John Paul discusses the family as the vital cell of the Church. As he closed the Year of the Family he called for members of familes everywhere to make a mutual gift of themselves for the good of their families and lamented that selfishness and violence tear the greater human family. JOHN PAUL II FAMILY URBI ET ORBI WAR [PAPALDOC Code=EE]

29.  JP2CHRIS -- 4/1/1996 -- VIEW
Pope John Paul II - Letter to Children

Pope John Paul II's Letter to Children in the Year of the Family, 1994. It was dated Dec 13 and released at the Vatican Dec. 15. JOHN PAUL II CHILDREN CHRISTMAS [PAPALDOC Code=EE]

30.  JP2JUBIL -- 11/30/1998 2:27:38 PM -- VIEW
Pope John Paul II - Incarnationis mysterium

The Papal Bull of Indiction of the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000, released on the First Sunday of Advent and the first day of the Year of the Father, 29 November 1998, in anticipation of the beginning of the Jubilee on Christmas Eve 1999. Attached are the conditions established for the gaining of the Jubilee Indulgence. [PAPALDOC Code=EE]

31.  JP951224 -- 4/1/1996 -- VIEW
Pope John Paul II - May Christ Teach Us to Be A Gift for Others

December 24, 1996 To members of the Roman Curia during traditional exchange of Christmas wishes. [PAPALDOC Code=EE]

32.  JP951225 -- 4/1/1996 -- VIEW
Pope John Paul II - Christmas 1995 Message - Urbi et Orbi


33.  JP961221 -- 1/15/1997 -- VIEW
John Paul II - God's Grace Will Nourish Your Love

"But what is salvation? We must rediscover the rich meaning of this word that is central to the Christian proclamation, that is evoked by the very name of Jesus: God saves", the Holy Father said on Saturday, 21 December 1996, when he received in audience the members of the Roman Curia for the annual exchange of Christmas greetings. The Holy Father reviewed the year's principal events and appealed to "all who have power and responsibility not to draw back from the critical emergencies". [PAPALDOC Code=EE]

34.  JP961223 -- 2/11/1997 -- VIEW
John Paul II - Christmas Carols Have Shaped Our History

"God is born, man's might is amazed: the Lord of heaven empties himself) The fire subsides, the splendour is veiled, the Infinite is encompassed", the Holy Father said to the Polish community of Rome, whom he received in audience on December 23, 1996, in Paul VI Auditorium for the traditional exchange of Christmas greetings. The Pope based his talk on an 18th-century Polish Christmas carol, Bog sie rodzi (God is born), written by Franciszek Karpinski. [PAPALDOC Code=EE]

35.  JP961225 -- 1/12/1997 -- VIEW
John Paul II - Love One Another as Brothers and Sisters

Christmas Message and Blessing to City and World Urbi et Orbi, 1996 [PAPALDOC Code=EE]

36.  JP961226 -- 1/12/1997 -- VIEW
John Paul II - Make Room for the Son of God Who Is Given to Us at Christmas

"The Only Begotten One who comes into the world invites every believer to choose the path of life . . .This is the profound meaning of his coming among us", the Holy Father said before praying the Angelus on December 26, 1996. [PAPALDOC Code=EE]

37.  JP96D21 -- 2/11/1997 -- VIEW
John Paul II - Spread Forgiveness and You Will Become Peacemakers

On December 21, 1996, the Holy Father addressed a representative group of young members of Catholic Action and exchanged Christmas greetings with them. He urged them to live and spread forgiveness and thus become peacemakers in their own surroundings. [PAPALDOC Code=EE]

38.  JP96MIDM -- 1/12/1997 -- VIEW
John Paul II - Be Faithful to God's Gift on Christmas Night

Homily given by the Holy Father at Midnight Mass on December 24, 1996. [PAPALDOC Code=EE]

39.  P12CH42 -- 6/12/1996 -- VIEW
Pius XII - The Internal Order of States and People

Christmas Message of 1942 [PAPALDOC Code=EE]

40.  P12XMAS -- 4/1/1996 -- VIEW
Pope Pius XII - 1944 Christmas Message

'Addressed to the people of the entire world on the subject of democracy and a lasting peace.' Discusses the problems of democracy and what a true democracy should be. PIUS XII DEMOCRACY CHRISTMAS PEACE WAR [PAPALDOC Code=EE]

41.  P6MARIAL -- 4/1/1996 -- VIEW
Pope Paul VI - On Devotion to Mary

'Marialis Cultus.' Issued February 2, 1974. On the relationship between devotion to Mary and the liturgy, guidelines for furthering devotion to Mary, and the Rosary. Apostolic constitution. IMMACULATE CONCEPTION LITURGY CHRISTMAS ANNUNCIATION ASSUMPTION LECTIONARY LITURGY OF THE HOURS VIRGIN PRAYER MOTHER BIBLE ROSARY VIRTUE [PAPALDOC Code=EE]

42.  PII12-3 -- 8/6/1996 --  VIEW   FTP
Leo the Great - Sermons

Leo's 97 preserved sermons are divided according to the Roman liturgical year of his time. They include 10 on Christmas, 8 for Epiphany, 2 for Easter, 2 for the Ascension, 3 for Pentecost, 12 for Lent, 19 for Holy Week, 4 for the ember days of Pentecost, 9 for the ember days of September, 9 for the ember days of December, and 6 for the so-called collects, plus sermons for the feasts of Sts. Peter and Paul, St. Lawrence, the Maccabees, and for his ordination and anniversary. LNPF II includes 48 sermons. [PATRISTC Code=EE]

43.  PII13-4 -- 8/6/1996 --  VIEW   FTP
Ephraim the Syrian - Hymns on the Nativity of Christ in the Flesh

Nineteen hymns for Christmas composed by St. Ephraim, parts of which are still in use in the Syriac liturgy. [PATRISTC Code=EE]

44.  CHRNOVEN -- 4/1/1996 --  VIEW
NA - Christmas Novena

The Christmas Novena begins on Sunday, November 29, and runs through Christmas Day. NOVENA CHRISTMAS [PRAYER Code=EE]

45.  XMSML -- 4/1/1996 --  VIEW
NA - Meal Prayers for the Christmas Season

Includes before and after Breakfast and before and after Dinner. Part of 'The Twelve Days of Christmas Kit.' Published by the Liturgical Press. PRAYER GRACE CHRISTMAS [PRAYER Code=EE]

46.  LEOCHRIS -- 12/18/1996 --  VIEW
St. Leo the Great - Thoughts for the Christmas Season

Selections from the Christmas homilies of St. Leo. Taken from the December 27, 1942 issue of "Orate Fratres". [SOURCES Code=EE]

47.  ANGELES -- 4/1/1996 --  VIEW
NA - Angeles en Navidad


48.  MARMCMAS -- 12/23/1996 --  VIEW   FTP
Dom Columba Marmion, O.S.B. - O Marvelous Exchange!

O Admirabile Commercium!- Christmastide). "The mystery of the Incarnation is a wonderful exchange between divinity and humanity. -- I. The Eternal Word asks of us a human nature in order to unite it to Himself by a personal union: Creator... animatum corpus sumens. -- II. In becoming Incarnate, the Word brings us, in return, a share in His Divinity: Largitus est nobis suam deitatem. -- III. This exchange appears still more wonderful when we consider the manner in which it is wrought. The Incarnation renders God visible so that we may hear and imitate Him. -- IV. It renders God passible, capable of expiating our sins by His sufferings and of healing us by His humiliations. -- V. We are to take our part in this exchange by faith: those who receive the Word-made-flesh by believing in Him have 'power to be made the sons of God.'" [SPIRIT Code=EE]

49.  JP2MSSZL -- 1/28/2000 2:39:25 PM -- VIEW
Pope John Paul II - Grow in Faith and Missionary Zeal

On the afternoon of Christmas Day, the Holy Father opened the Holy Door in the Basilica of St John Lateran and led the faithful into the Cathedral of the Bishop of Rome, where he celebrated Second Vespers of the Solemnity of Christmas. The Pope expressed the hope that the mystery of Christmas would fill the hearts of Rome's diocesan community with lasting light and recalled that they had entered through the Holy Door, "which represents Christ himself." HOLY YEAR JUBILEE [PAPALDOC Code=EE]

50.  JJP2XMAS -- 12/29/2000 9:05:51 AM -- VIEW
Pope John Paul II - Christmas Midnight Mass

In his homily, the Holy Father recalled the opening of the Holy Door on the same night a year ago, and the beginning of the Great Jubilee. He concluded with a prayer that God would "pour out [His] Spirit upon us, that the grace of the Incarnation may inspire in every believer a determination to respond more generously to the new life received in Baptism." HOLY LAND MIDDLE EAST [PAPALDOC Code=EE]

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