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sex in movie tv
Question from michel dupre on 09-21-2011:
Hi Dr.,

I have read answers and guidelines on this issue...but one important thing remains...God's Law on sex and that nobody should see other people having sex and sex should be in marriage outside of other people sights (it is the civil law but not in is not above God or the law).

All the anwers I have read account for the part of the viewer of such immorality and not the is a sin for a loving couple not married to have sex but not for actors who do it for money (this is artistic prostitution...same as the old religous sex of the pagan condemmed by the way this was for a good reason for them!)...married actors are asked to perform sexual favors (even petting sex is immoral for unmarried lovers...) to other actress and even actors (homosexualty)and you say this is good for art??? Jesus said nothing good comes from bad...nothing!

Nothing good can come from such perversion...there is nothing to gain for God from such things...Nothing good to see nudity...we all know what a body looks like...think about the actors who are asked to get nude...which is extremely humiliating fro them...

Think about the actor students who are asked to have sex in class (major sin) for their grades (and even catholic can not abstrain from it or they lose there grades!) Even an orgy was performed by the class and filmed to learn how to do it in movies and tv...if you accept this in movie then you have to accept thath people do this and even christians!!! immoral!!!

Adultery is the simple desire of another and this is exactly what art is looking for today because sex sells and it is becoming just another drug because the more you see or perform it the more you want it (the new economic eldorado) The Church as to fight this as a structure of sin (Pope John-Paul II)!

Even graphic sex, in every major hits in today TV shows where nobody as control over what children are exposed to since they can watch it on the net whenever they want...we have the right to protect them and us.

The Church should remind people not to watch these since it encouraging an industrial rating for money and sexual perversion...

Do you know that some show hire prostitutes and nude dancers to perform some scenes in movies and where is the morality in this?

Morality is in great decline due to such activities because the humans are weak, deviant since the original sin regarding sex...Only Christ can elevates us to sexual maturity between married couple only...

Also, people ultimately do like everybody else and that is why our young kids participate in orgies even in catholic school parties because it is socially acceptable now and therefore not wrong (I majored in psychology and studied to become a Carmel Monk).

So think bout the actors point of view also were they are the ones committing the major sins.

This the worst attack ever on our believe of sacred sex ever, including pornography, and even against our faith since if we are perceived as being wrong on our view of sexuality by pagans, it means we are wrong on all accounts and you see this today as being the major reason why they to not want to convert...

I have many other points to discussed regarding this so hope to hear your point of view...

By the way, monks do not watch the Vatican list movies with sex and nudity...and they are the strongest spiritual being we have in this imagine the weak rest of us...

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 10-02-2011:
Dear Michel,

Thank your for your note.

Dr. Geraghty

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