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American Heritage Girls verses Girl Scouts
Question from Andrea on 08-24-2018:

Several months ago I was listening to one of the programs that was strongly encouraging American Heritage Girls and was explaining the connection of Girl Scouts with the pro-choice groups. I thought the information was fantastic and was strongly inspired to try to get an American Heritage Group started in my area. I am just now finding time to begin that adventure. I wanted to research both groups on my own, and I have found no connection with the girl scouts and pro-choice movements. There is even a question on their website specifically addressing planned parenthood as well as their stance on abortion. They deny connection with planned parenthood and they deny taking a stance on abortion, stating they encourage the girls to make good choices. I know it would be better to take a pro-life stance, but I do not see anything anti-catholic or pro-choice on their website. I even found a faith section that allows girls to explore their faith deeper and get a special pin for it. Can you please give me information on where I can re-listen to your original program and also can you please help me find information on the internet on the serious issues with Girl Scouts so that if I start the American Heritage group, I know what I am talking about and I have resources that people can look up on their own like I did (but with better luck!) Thank you! Can you please email me your answer. I am inconsistent with the times I am available to listen to the programs on the radio. Thanks!

Answer by Judie Brown on 09-01-2018:


GIRL SCOUTS latest info: http://mygirlscoutcouncil.com/cookie-flier.html

AMERICAN HERITAGE GIRLS: https://speaking4life.com/tag/american-heritage-girls/