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Congressional survey
Question from Aj on 08-18-2018:

Hi Judie,

I understand you have recently mentioned a lowering of the bar for some prolife organizations settling for states regulating abortion. As opposed to ending it once and for all through the Supreme Court.

Recently I received the National Prolife Alliance 2018 Congressional Survey. There are 10points posed to candidates.

While one of the points of the survey asking if the Candidate would support and cosponsor a Life at Conception Act, which sounds worthy of support. However one of the other points asked of the Candidate has a life of the mother exception "Will you support an amendment to the US Constitution banning abortion except to save the life of the mother?"

I know in past Q&A on EWTN site you have said good things about National Prolife Alliance. Do you know if The National Prolife Alliance is still uncompomising in its commitment for ending all abortion and are you familiar with this survey; if so do you think it is it worthy of support?


Answer by Judie Brown on 09-01-2018:

Dear AJ

Some pro-life groups have ALWAYS supported regulation off abortion and exceptions for rape, incest and life of the mother. Some have even support fetal deformity exceptions thus allowing the abortion of such babies.

Further the LIFE AT CONCEPTION act is flawed, at least the Senate version, and we have spoken with the National Pro-Life Alliance about that and the reasons why we cannot support it as currently written.