EWTN Catholic Q&A
Question from Don on 08-15-2018:

When it was offered, I took an early retirement. I've sometimes looked back and regretted the decision because I certainly would have a greater retirement pension if I'd worked for more years.

On the other hand, a priceless thing happened to me. Buying a computer for home and finding EWTN on the internet then, I started reading the Q&As on the Faith. Day after day I followed the Q&As. I went to Confession at Eastertime then...for the first time in twenty years. Now, twenty plus years after that, my attention and life have focused on staying in Sanctifying Grace. My Catholic re-education is solid now.

So, I didn't trade a reduced pension for free time in retirement. I traded a reduced pension for a solid Catholic re-education and a dedication to stay in Sanctifying Grace. What a bargain!

Answer by David Gregson on 08-23-2018:

It's good to know you have so benefited from our Q&As. It seems the money you gave up by retiring early was an investment in eternal life. God bless you!