Pro-life and death penalty
Question from PJ on 08-10-2018:

What does it mean to be a pro-life Catholic? If you support the death penalty then you are not really pro- life. You are anti-abortion or anti-euthanasia. You are not pro-life.

Answer by Judie Brown on 08-13-2018:


When you begin splitting hairs, as you are doing, you have to put it in the context of Catholic teaching. The death penalty, or capital punishment has never been defined by the Church as an intrinsic evil whereas abortion, euthanasia, contraception, infanticide and other deadly threats to innocent person have been defined as intrinsic evils.

INTRINSIC EVIL: It is an act which is naturally (intrinsically) evil, because the act itself is absolutely contrary to reason, to nature, and to God. Intrinsic evil can never be done, for it can never be good, because good can never be good and evil at the same time.