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EWTN World Over and the death penalty
Question from FrankV37 on 08-09-2018:

Dear Judie I did not last weeks show until I changed to EWTN Monday evening. Raymond, a ay person and a theologian were taking about the bishops and the death penalty change came up. From what I heard they agreed that the teaching did not and could not change. I have heard various reason for keeping it. One that many convert before it happens. The lay person made another interesting comment that by keeping a person in prison for life impacts the life of the poor since it is our tax payer money that pays for his upkeep. All things considered, it probably costs more than most poor live on.

God bless you,


Answer by Judie Brown on 08-10-2018:

Thank you Frank, but the real argument on this topic is that doctrine is unchangeable when it is found in so many places including the Bible and the Summa Theologica.

Sometimes political correctness overtakes common sense, especially in the Vatican.