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Fatima and Akita
Question from Jim C on 06-25-2014:

I've read a lot recently about the apparitions and warnings reportedly said by the Blessed Mother at Fatima and Akita. Why doesn't the church talk more about these messages. It seems that if the world doesn't stop offending God we may see a chastisement worse than the flood in Noah's time.

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 06-29-2014:

Dear Jim,

It seems that many Bishops, priests and religious are afraid of preaching about the hard truths of Fatima for fear of looking too negative, too old fashioned. You don't hear much preaching about hell today or about the devil seeking the ruin of souls. We have to be grateful when there is some preaching on these matters. Of course, such preachers will be mocked by the world as being bloomers and dormers. But what else is new>

Dr. Geraghty