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Missed Mass
Question from Cindy on 06-16-2014:

I attended Mass on Saturday at 2 PM for my confirmation and I didn't go on Sunday. I believed that Saturday's Mass counted but I had my doubts here and there. Then I found out for sure that it doesn't count but it was too late. What should I do?

Answer by Catholic Answers on 06-16-2014:


I don't know who told you that a Saturday afternoon Mass does not count for the Sunday obligation, but that person is incorrect. There is no fixed time on Saturday afternoon after which a Mass "counts" for Sunday. The only thing we can say for certain is a Saturday morning Mass does not fulfill the Sunday obligation.

That said, if you had doubts as to whether you had fulfilled the obligation, you should have either satisfied your doubts as soon as you had them or gone to Mass to make certain of fulfilling the obligation while there was still time to do so. Letting it go until you were no longer able to fulfill the obligation could be a sin of omission, and while not mortal is worth mentioning at your next confession.

Michelle Arnold
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