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Question from john on 06-03-2014:

If a young lady is impregnated in date rape feels forced against her will into marriage , then after 20 years of living a lie in a loveless marriage to awful man files for divorce...( assuming all this is true) Is there any reason she should be guilted , shamed,obligated to return or not be worthy an enulment?

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 07-20-2014:

Dear John,

The lady should see a priest to find out if she has any grounds for an annulment. While nobody can really force our wills, it is possible that a great deal of pressure can be put on it. There is no rule of the Church that a woman made pregnant outside of marriage has to marry the father. But often such women give into social pressure (that was more common in the old days) She should speak to a priest because she is a very wounded soul.

Dr. Geraghty