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Existence of God
Question from George on 06-02-2014:

my daughter just received her masters in philosophy is teaching this summer and will be going out East for her PhD this fall. She is doughting her faith, the existence of God , souls etc, Since they can't be "proven" how can they exist? Would you recommend some books I could give her.( I just gave her Crossing the Threshold of Hope, Theology and Sanity and had given Theology of the Body.) Thanks

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 07-20-2014:

Dear George,

It is important to remember that you should not turn matters like the existence of God into a purely intellectual or philosophical. If one takes a neutral stance about God's existence, he or she is directly affecting the way they live their lives. If you believe that God exists, this belief entails living the way God wants us to. If we are uncertain, we then live our lives our own way. If we deny God exists, then we directly take over living our lives according to our own wishes,. Studying more philosophy does not cure this condition but only makes it worse. Sooner or later the world, the flesh, and the devil take control over our lives. Say your prayers for her.

Dr. Geragdhty