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"Qualitative Research" with a relative/feminist twist
Question from DD on 05-05-2014:

I am a Roman Catholic with a firm faith. I am taking a Qualitative Research Class at a University. I read the first chapter which is supposed to define "Q A" but is confusing with many different definitions, most vague with a relative/ feminist twist. What is the Catholic method for Qualitative Research? My text is "Q Research", by Sharan B. Merriam.

Can you recommend resources? thank you, DD

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 06-09-2014:

Dear DD,

I am not familiar with your field. But you do well to pay attention to the definitions in the first chapter. The notion of what a man or a woman is, what marriage is, what sexual activity is-- all these are very important in deterring the quality of your reattach. I think you will find that the other students simply accept the definitions given because it fits their experience as modern people. You, being a Catholic, will be more critical. Start reading up on the Catholic view of the nature of man and woman from a philosophical viewpoint. Von Hildebrand has a book called MAN AND WOMAN that you mind find interesting.

Dr. Geraghty