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stores prescribing abortifacient drugs
Question from CC on 04-13-2014:

Is it sinful to shop at stores prescribing drugs such as the birth control pill and the morning after pill, both of which I understand can cause abortion? If this is sinful, would it be a venial or mortal sin? Would it constitute remote or proximate material cooperation with evil? If this topic has been answered elsewhere, please let me know where I can find these answers. Thank you so much for your time. God bless.

Answer by Judie Brown on 04-19-2014:

Dear CC

Your question begs a much larger question for us as Catholics. Is it sinful to shop at any store that sells condoms?

Is it sinful to shop at any store that sells other forms of non-abortive birth control? Since all birth control is a grievous offense against God, how should we answer the question.

We are not, according to the ethical standards regarding proximate or remote material cooperation, involved in committing a sin. To understand this thoroughly I recommend reading:

"Explanation of complicity with action" at http://www.all.org/article/print/id/MjM3MQ=/