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in vitro fertilization
Question from tony hayes on 04-09-2014:

Is in vitro fertilization lawful and if not how do I look an in vitro born person in the eye and say you should not exist? Tony Hayes

Answer by Judie Brown on 04-11-2014:

Dear Tony

The Catholic CHurch is opposed to the practice of in vitro fertilization which, over the years, has resulted in numerous horrors, millions of dollars spent on futile attempts, broken hearts, sickly mothers and children born with special needs because of the way in which they were created.

However NEVER has the Church been opposed to the resulting children who, like all of us, were created by God and are His children. Remember, if God is not active in that Petri dish when the IVF child is "created by man," no child would result.

If you want to know why IVF never should have been approved, read the following information on the American Life League website ...http://www.all.org/nav/index/heading/OQ/cat/NTk/

Judie Brown