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Daughter decided not to have an abortion
Question from Cradle to Grave on 03-31-2014:

Good Afternoon Judie - You don't need to post this, but I just wanted to thank you and your team. About 6 years ago we cooresponded about my teenage (at the time) daughter who steadfastly and unwaveringly deciding to have her baby - despite being in the middle of highschool and despite knowing (or feeling that) she was going to bring shame on the family and the burden she would have and put on the rest of the family. (well burden in her mind anyway) I am happy to say, my little grandson is 6 now, she will be getting married to a wonderful man who is in the midst of becoming Catholic. If you'd told me 7 years ago all this would happen...oh my Gosh, God puts us on an amazing journey, we just have to hold on and pray constantly!! May God Bless you the others who helped us get through the extremely tough spots, get over our pride and just love them. -- Take Care!

Answer by Judie Brown on 03-31-2014:

May the Lord be with you all ... always.