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Yoga class
Question from Cheryl on 03-26-2014:

I currently teach two yoga classes per week at a local health club. I just watched an episode on EWTN (Women of Grace), in which it was said that yoga is a religion and should not be practiced by the faithful. I do not chant, I do not talk about the Hindu practice. I only show students how to stretch or strengten their bodies by holding different poses. Maybe I should talk to my local priest. I am highly disturbed thinking I am doing something against the Catholic faith. I am a strong Catholic and would be absolutely devastated if I found out that what I am teaching is pointing others to another religion. Is it okay for me to keep teaching these fitness-based yoga classes? I am sending my children to Catholic schools so this extra money is very helpful towards tuition.

Answer by Catholic Answers on 03-26-2014:


The presenters on Women of Grace are giving their personal opinion about yoga. For a second opinion about yoga, see the article linked below.

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