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RCIA candidate's marriage validity
Question from Howard on 03-23-2014:

My brother is joining the Catholic Church this Easter. Both he and his current spouse had previous marriages, none of the parties were Catholic. In fact, neither of my brother's spouses were even Christian (my family was originally Lutheran, including my brother). My brother stated that when he met with his pastor for his one-on-one RCIA meeting, he explained his marriage situation, and the pastor said that his current marriage is valid. I want to accept this position. I'm overjoyed that he is joining the Church. I didn't say anything to the contrary when I heard the news. Can I move on and enjoy with my brother his new gift of faith at Easter with no reservations?

Answer by Catholic Answers on 03-24-2014:


I don't know enough about your brother's marital status to gainsay his pastor. I can only recommend that you accept the pastor's evaluation of the matter.

Michelle Arnold
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