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Attending Sunday service
Question from Vanance on 03-19-2014:

On several occasions I have attended Sunday service with my boyfriend at his church. He is Pentecostal. I have participated in every aspect except in the partaking of the bread and wine. My question is if this is considered a sin in our Church. Should I mention this at my next confession?

Answer by Catholic Answers on 03-19-2014:


While it is, in my opinion, extremely imprudent for a Catholic to be regularly attending a Protestant church service with a romantic interest -- mainly because it is setting precedent for what will happen if the couple marries, and because there is danger to the faith of the Catholic -- it is not necessarily a sin. So long as you are also going to Mass on Saturday evening or Sunday, and so long as you are not receiving Protestant communion, it does not seem to me that you need to confess this. (If you haven't been going to Mass on these Sundays that you've gone to your boyfriend's church, then yes, you do need to go to confession.)

I do have a question for you though. How often is your Pentecostal boyfriend attending Mass with you?

Michelle Arnold
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