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Living together prior to wedding
Question from Judie on 03-13-2014:

At the moment, it is financially impractical for me and my fiance to live apart prior to our marriage ceremony. We have been together for about three years now, and our parish priest has given us permission to live together. We will be sleeping in separate rooms. Is this permissible?

Answer by Catholic Answers on 03-14-2014:


Perhaps you should ask yourself why you continue to have doubts about the morality of this situation even after a priest has told you it's "okay." Perhaps your doubts are the voice of your conscience telling you this priest is wrong. In this case your conscience is correct, and the priest was wrong. Living together outside of marriage (even in separate rooms) is scandalous and a near occasion of sin, and the priest was foolish to give an engaged couple "permission" to do so.

Figure out another way to address your "financial impracticalities." If you are determined enough, I'm certain you'll find a way. For example, perhaps either you or your fiancÚ can move in with family or with a friend of the same sex until the wedding.

Michelle Arnold
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