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Cardinal Dolan's "BRAVO"
Question from Mary on 03-09-2014:

Dear Judie, I'm sure you are aware that Cardinal Dolan gave his "Bravo" and "God bless you" to an NFL player who "came out". I thought homosexual behavior was a sin. Why would a "Prince of the Church" say bravo to sin? Is this the real "Francis effect"? Is the Catholic Church ruled by a "Who Am I to Judge" mentality?

Who can we turn to for true guidance when Dolan can get away with this very damaging behavior?

Thank you, Judie.

Answer by Judie Brown on 03-11-2014:

Mary When this story broke a good friend of mine said:

"This is seriously disturbing! Does Cardinal Dolan have no fear for this young man's soul, which is in dire jeopardy because it has chosen to live according to one of the four sins which cries to Heaven for vengeance??? Does he have no fear for his own soul for cheering on this young man's celebration of a lifestyle that has resulted in the complete destruction of at least 2 cities???"

I one hundred percent agree. However, this is NOT the "Francis effect" at all; it is the result of a prince of the Church placing human popularity before faithfulness to God and His laws. Dolan is not new to this sort of controversy.