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Canceling faith formation class
Question from Maureen on 03-08-2014:

Our faith formation classes, held on Wednesday evenings, have been cancelled for this Wednesday evening. The reason is because our boys basketball team is going to the state tournament on said Wednesday. The two ladies that lead faith formation for our children, K-10, feel that too many people would be involved in going to the game, which is about three hours away. My question is this: Is it okay to let our kids miss a class for a game? I am confused about the reasoning behind the faith formation leaders' decision.

Answer by Catholic Answers on 03-09-2014:


I suspect that the teachers figure, and quite likely rightly, that no one is going to show up and so they might as well cancel the class rather than run it for a few and then have to basically give the same class again next week when the rest of the students return.

Michelle Arnold
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