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Trouble with a priest
Question from P.F. on 03-05-2014:

I have been a devout Catholic for 56 years. I am struggling with our parish priest in the fact that after I go to Mass -- after listening to his homilies -- I get so angry.

This year for Lent he had blessings of the ashes at 8:30 AM Mass which several could not attend -- students, parishioners who work, etc. Then at 7:00 PM he had distribution of ashes and that was it! In all of my years as a Catholic -- birth till now -- I was taken totally off guard, as was my 18-year-old son.

I am struggling with -- not my faith -- but how to attend Mass here at my home parish. I am wanting to attend morning Mass, but I am worried that I will once again leave angry. Yes, I have prayed and continue to do so. Suggestions?

Answer by Catholic Answers on 03-07-2014:


The issue with Ash Wednesday that you mention seems (on the surface anyway) to be so trivial that I suspect that your discontent with this priest has been going on for some time, to such an extent that even small matters upset you. I recommend that you read the article at the link below and perhaps meditate upon what you can do to set aside your anger. If you need to go to another parish, that's fine; but I can only urge you to do what you can to get past your upset with this priest.

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